New Jersey Artist Dubwork Uses Latest Album “Up By 20” As A Steppingstone

From Harlem, New Jersey comes Dubwork, a unique and talented artist who is making moves to better his career. Being an independent artist, he and his team do everything in-house, from the music production down to the promotion that gets the song to move; they take care of it all.

Dubwork released his album “Up By 20” not long ago and is using it as a stepping stone to make a big move in 2021. With the album receiving positive feedback and support revolving around popular songs off the album, Dubwork has built the momentum to take the next step in his journey. 

As he continues to build and create his career into exactly how he wants it to be, look for Dubwork to only improve as an artist. He has unlimited potential, and there is no telling where this next project could lead to, but it is only up from here.

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Luke Bergner
Luke Bergner
Luke Bergner is a journalist and public relations specialist.

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