New Pop Star Gianni Cures Is Coming for the Throne

Born in San Diego, Gianni Cures is one of the major talents to emerge from the region. Gianni started singing when he was a young boy, but his fears delayed his entry into the professional music scene. He lacked the confidence to hold a mic and get the crowds moving despite his innate musical talent.

He later found the guts to chase his music dream while working on a successful career path as an influencer. His influencer friends played a great role in boosting his confidence as they would often remind him of how he had a fantastic voice and incredible musical talent.

Gianni later relocated to Los Angeles, the city well-known for its vibrant music industry. His goal was to learn how to make music professionally, and he spent most of his time making music in his studio apartment that had no rooms. He first chose to concentrate on his influencer career while learning more about music. He leveraged his influencer popularity to launch a music career, and since then, he has never turned back.

Gianni has hit the music scene with a unique music style that combines multiple genres touching hip-hop, EDM, pop, and rock. The outcome is a fresh new musical feel that is taking over the music airwaves. Gianni’s ability to often switch up genres throughout his releases has also been a catchy piece for his success in the industry. He not only manages to thrill music fans but also succeeds in retaining their attention throughout. This is a great accomplishment for the young music talent, considering that most of the modern-day music enthusiast’s attention span is only getting shorter, posing a challenge to many artists.    

With an already established music brand, Gianni is now working hard to scale his audience reach. His overall ambition is to impact society by releasing music that will bring hope to millions across the world. He believes that he can use his music to cure and transform the world.

However, his ambition to constantly become a better version of himself has been a major challenge. Actually, Gianni says that he is his greatest challenge. His influencer background makes him spend a lot of time on social media, so much so that he finds himself overthinking everything. Comparing himself with others on social media ruins his focus. 

But this has become less of a challenge for him. He has learned to focus on his craft while caring only for what matters most to him. For Gianni, family, health, and relationships come into play while building a career, and it’s imperative you strike a balance on how to work on them. 

His advice to everyone else is simple: Whatever you want to do as a career, learn how to do it all by yourself and be different to stand out from the crowd. To Gianni, success is the product of hard work and commitment, so don’t tire yourself out with a lot of research and homework. He says that you shouldn’t allow anyone to derail your dreams.

Gianni is working hard to see his music brand go international with a dream to take over the throne. He aspires to become one of the most prominent artists globally and hopefully go on a world tour, inspiring as many people as possible to chase their dreams. 

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