YOUNGMAN And Celestaphone Fuse Punk and Hip Hop for New Album, “A YEAR OF OCTOBERS”

Paul Barman, or YOUNGMAN as he personates on these recent works, is known for his established wholly singular hip-hop writing style. The highly regarded emcee continues to wield his abilities without missing a beat. As a lyrical wizard, Barman is recognized for years of inventive rhyming, a streak which has even resulted in an original citation and thus word in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Barman has worked with numerous artists, including the legendary MF DOOM. Actually, the idea for Paul’s alter ego “YOUNGMAN” along with its name was recommended by the late MF DOOM during conversation. From stylized spelling to cartoon appearances, it’s clear YOUNGMAN echos its co-creator. Verses began appearing under the alias around 2017, and now finally eventuating a full project.

Meeting and getting to work with Celestaphone, a renowned record producer based in California, is proving to be a career highlight. The duo began working together in December 2019, laying the foundations for their future works. From there, the idea to work on the album “A YEAR OF OCTOBERS” was born.

“A YEAR OF OCTOBERS” is YOUNGMAN’S debut album. The album entirely produced by Celestaphone is a collection of an anomaly genre fusion of punk and hip hop. The two talented artists joined forces to give their fans an unlimited electrifying experience from the two genres.

Partially produced during the pandemic, YOUNGMAN & Celestaphone developed a strong attachment to the album. The album’s entire production process was an emotional rollercoaster, so it is an expressive treasure to them. 

Crafting on opposite coasts, the two collaborators managed to prove their synergy even through long-distance communication. Recording the album atincreasingly more remote locations as health concerns progressed proved to be a bit of a challenge for the team. However, despite any setback, YOUNGMAN, Celestaphone, and the entire production team dug deep into their inner abilities to make the album a success. Their passion and love for the music are evident throughout the album.

When limiting the use of studios YOUNGMAN had to rely on portable computers, interfaces, and performance mics to capture and record at various non-studio locations. This allowed for an overall safer operation.

The ambitious rapper is looking forward to a more promising future. His goal is to continue releasing more music and growing his audience. He plans to team up with Celestaphone on more projects, as the duo is definitely proving to be a super combination.

In the meantime, you can stream or listen to “YEAR OF OCTOBERS” on the Bandcamp platform and get to experience the magic.  

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