Nicholas Flathau, Founder of Flawless Diamonds Co., Shares his Insight on What it Takes to Succeed

Growing up in Chicago, Nicholas Flathau and his family lived under the poverty line for most of his childhood. It was that disadvantage he was faced with that led to Flathau to learn the importance of dedication, hard work, and sacrifice. Possessing these three qualities, Flathau realized, directly improve your ability to succeed in any field. With these traits, as well as his work ethic, Flathau is now the owner of three businesses, including Flawless Diamonds Co.: one of the most up-and-coming jewelers in the U.S.

Developing skills to become a successful businessman was a part of Flathau’s journey when he left home at the age of 17. Finding jobs in whatever city he could in order to make ends meet, he would spend the next five years working various cities doing construction, bagging groceries, and even working at an injection mold factory.

At the age of 22, Nicholas Flathau finally made the decision to settle and begin university in hopes of earning a degree in anesthesiology. After pursuing the path of education for two years, Flathau realized it wasn’t the lifestyle or career he truly envisioned himself having as he moved forward. So, in 2016, he took a leap of faith and, proudly, became the owner of an AT&T franchise.

Quickly, Nicholas Flathau found success with AT&T. Within a year and a half, he had made his first million dollars and was looking at a seven-figure salary. Piggybacking on his success there, Flathau made the decision to acquire a second business for himself and became the owner of a real estate firm. However, the passion for Flathau didn’t seem to lie with either of those careers.

To reinvigorate himself as an entrepreneur, Nicholas Flathau took his newfound hobby of custom jewelry and turned it into Flawless Diamonds Co. Extensive research and networking prepped Flathau to enter the jewelry industry and he hasn’t looked back.

Building Flawless Diamonds Co. on those same value she learned in his youth, Flathau created a custom jewelry company centered around fulfilling the needs of clients via the highest quality of product and the most impressive customer service, The impeccable business model of Flawless Diamonds Co. has also landed them some very high-profile clients, including rappers Lil Zay Osama, Lil Reese, and NLE Choppa.

With an ultimate goal of taking the Flawless Diamonds Co. brand to the national market, the company currently exists with stores in Dallas and Flathau’s hometown of Chicago. The next step for the company is the release of an upcoming apparel line that has been highly requested among their clients. Learn more about Nicholas Flathau and the detailed custom jewelry work being done at Flawless Diamonds Co. by following them on Instagram and visiting their website.

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