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Oakland Bliss Mushrooms Revolutionizes Psychedelic Industry with Premium, Lab-Tested Products

Oakland, California – June 22, 2023 – Bliss Mushrooms, the leading luxury psychedelic company, is proud to announce its exceptional range of premium quality, lab-tested psychedelic products. With a commitment to providing unparalleled psilocybin experiences, Bliss Mushrooms offers a diverse selection of vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and Fairtrade products that are crafted with creativity and uniqueness.
As pioneers in the industry, Bliss Mushrooms has quickly established itself as one of the fastest-growing psychedelic brands, setting new standards for quality and innovation. With a solid branding strategy, the company has gained recognition and has been seen in reputable media outlets such as Vice, Dope Era Magazine, Iheart Radio, Dash Radio, and Leaf Magazines, solidifying its position as a trusted and respected name in the industry.
What sets Bliss Mushrooms apart is its unwavering dedication to producing strain-specific products that are made without fillers. Each product undergoes rigorous lab testing to ensure the highest levels of potency, safety, and quality. This commitment to excellence is a testament to Bliss Mushrooms’ mission of providing world-class products for its customers.

The product lineup at Bliss Mushrooms is nothing short of extraordinary. One of their standout creations is the Milk Chocolate infused with exotic spearmint, known as Cocoa de menthe. Inspired by Greek mythology, where the nymph Menthe was transformed into a perennial herb, this delightful treat combines fair trade, non-GMO, gluten-free, and kosher ingredients. The result is a tantalizing blend of flavors that will transport your taste buds to new heights.  
For the adventurous souls, Bliss Mushrooms presents the Firecracker, the original popping psychedelic candy. Combining the effervescence of popping candy with milk chocolate, this unique creation delivers a sensation comparable to adding bubbles to wine, aerating the chocolate and elevating the experience to a whole new level of enjoyment. Bliss Mushrooms also introduces Scarlet, the exquisite Ruby Couverture chocolate infused with organic raspberries. Ruby Couverture is a rare and recent discovery in the world of chocolate, offering a completely new taste and color experience. Born from the ruby cocoa bean, this indulgence surprises and bedazzles with its mesmerizing flavors and visual appeal.

One of the highlights of Bliss Mushrooms’ product line is the Holy Grail, their Heroic Dose Edible. Made with fair trade, non-GMO, gluten-free, and kosher ingredients, the Holy Grail is inspired by the concept of a “heroic dose” coined by renowned ethnobotanist Terence McKenna. This transformative experience allows individuals to explore their minds free from distractions, fostering self-discovery and personal growth.
Bliss Mushrooms continues to innovate with their Brûlée Belgian Gold Chocolate, an expertly crafted fusion of caramelized sugar, caramelized milk, and a dash of salt. This intensively balanced caramel chocolate tantalizes the palate with rich notes of toffee, butter, cream, and a touch of salt, providing a truly euphoric experience.  
For coffee lovers, the Barista Cold Brew is a perfect indulgence. This fusion of dark Belgian chocolate, cappuccino, and white chocolate combines creaminess with roasted cocoa and coffee notes, rounded off with a hint of sweetness, creating a decadent treat for the senses.

Bliss Mushrooms showcases their creativity once again with the Eclipse, a dark chocolate infused with organic raspberries. This non-GMO, fair trade, and gluten-free delight deliver a harmonious blend of flavors that will captivate your taste buds.  
The Raven offers an alternative twist with its dark chocolate infused with cinnamon and cayenne. This enchanting combination of spices provides a uniquely satisfying experience, pleasing both the adventurous and the refined palate.  
Bourgeois, a sophisticated blend of dark chocolate, pistachio, and cayenne, is another testament to Bliss Mushrooms’ commitment to offering distinctive flavors. With its nuanced flavor profile, Bourgeois offers an irresistible and euphoric hit that will leave you craving more.  
Bliss Mushrooms also caters to those seeking a more subtle psychedelic experience with their Micro Dose capsules. Crafted from purple carrots, these vegan and vegetarian capsules allow for precise and controlled microdosing, empowering individuals to explore the benefits of psilocybin in a safe and controlled manner.  
“We believe in the power of psilocybin to transform lives and inspire new perspectives,” said the spokesperson at Bliss Mushrooms. “Through our range of premium quality products, we aim to create a gateway to self-reflection, creativity, and personal growth. Our commitment to excellence and innovation drives us to continuously push the boundaries of the psychedelic industry.”

Bliss Mushrooms’ passion for crafting exceptional products is matched only by their commitment to customer satisfaction. With a customer-centric approach, they strive to ensure that every interaction with their brand is met with exceptional service and support. Whether you are a seasoned psychonaut or a curious first-timer, Bliss Mushrooms invites you to embark on a transformative journey with their unparalleled range of psychedelic products.
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About Bliss Mushrooms:
Bliss Mushrooms is a leading luxury psychedelic company based in Oakland, California. Committed to providing premium quality, lab-tested products, Bliss Mushrooms offers a diverse range of vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and Fairtrade products. With a mission to make psilocybin accessible to everyone, Bliss Mushrooms revolutionizes the world of psychedelics with its exceptional creativity, solid branding, and commitment to excellence.

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