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Redefining Dental Artistry: The Genius Behind Savage Smiles

In dentistry, where precision meets passion, Ryan Savage DDS is redefining the art and science of perfect smiles. For 15 years, he has blended an artistic flair with his medical understanding to become the veneer specialist that Southern California—and indeed, the entire country—adores. People don’t just walk into his office; they enter a transformative experience curated by the Smile Makeover GOAT (greatest of all time).

From a family of doctors and dentists, Ryan was destined for a life in medicine. However, he’s anything but traditional. When most saw dentistry as a clinical path, Ryan saw a canvas—an opportunity to blend his love for art with his medical prowess. Seizing this vision, he embarked on a path as an entrepreneur, creating Savage Smiles—a sanctuary where he could deliver the same quality of care and results he’d expect for himself without compromise.

Creating Savage Smiles wasn’t without its hurdles. Ryan’s most daunting task? Assembling a dream team to help realize his vision. Ryan invested years into cultivating a unique culture within his practice—a user experience as beautiful and smooth as the smiles he sculpts. Today, he has curated a roster of all-stars, a team aligned with his mission: delivering each client their perfect, promised Savage Smile.

Walking into Ryan’s office is like stepping into another world. The vibe is palpable, with energetic tunes and an inviting atmosphere. His team offers a nearly euphoric experience, from the laughing gas to the music, allowing patients to relax and revel in the journey toward their new smile.

Currently in negotiations with Colgate as a prospective partner and brand ambassador, Ryan is not just creating smiles; he’s creating a movement. With associate dentist Dr. Alex Nguyen now crafting veneers at Savage Smiles, Ryan finds joy in exchanging knowledge and mentorship, fostering a growing community of artistry within dentistry. It’s not difficult to envision the Savage Institute in the future, where Ryan can educate and inspire other dentists to spread health, confidence, and radiant smiles around the globe.

Ryan has his sights set high, with a vision board that includes Colgate, Invisalign, Listerine, and Figs, the products he trusts and uses himself. In a few years, he aspires to have partnered with these companies and become a beacon for their brands. For those ready to embark on a transformative journey toward a more confident smile, the path to Savage Smiles is simple and accessible. You can begin the process with a direct message reading “Savage Smile.”

As a celebrity dentist and influencer in his own right, Ryan’s reputation precedes him. The term #SAVAGESMILE is fast becoming synonymous with the best in the game, a name-brand, designer smile. It’s a distinction he’s earned through tireless dedication—a mix of passion, borderline obsession, and unrelenting attention to detail. This specialty is not for the casual cosmetic dentist; it’s for those who are all in, and Ryan plays at no less than 100%.

Looking ahead, Ryan sees his practice as the premiere destination for anyone seeking that perfect, transformative smile. Beyond the dental space, he envisions contributing his knowledge and charisma to TV shows, podcasts, and discussion panels. For an unparalleled experience and a result that speaks volumes, make your way to Ryan Savage DDS. It’s more than a procedure; it’s the crafting of a masterpiece.

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