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The Making of a Hit: The Story Behind IkomBoy’s Latest Single “Pepper Soup”


Jones The IkomBoy, a Nigerian-born singer, rapper, producer, and songwriter based in Dubai, has been consistently delivering high-quality music. His latest release, “Pepper Soup,” has been gaining traction and generating buzz. Widely regarded as a prominent figure in the Afrobeats music scene in the UAE, Ikom is also known for his genre versatility. He first gained recognition with his breakout trap single that garnered millions of views. Despite facing challenges when he went independent, he persevered, never giving up on his passion for music. He credits his success to his unwavering talent and passion, which have kept him motivated. During his “remix phase,” many of his followers discovered him through reposts from renowned artists like Nicki Minaj and Kizz Daniels.


We spoke to The IkomBoy about how he handles criticism, and this is what he shared with us:

“When individuals ask me, ‘Why don’t you return to Nigeria, where the music industry is more extensive?’ my response is twofold. Firstly, Dubai is also my home, and I feel a strong sense of belonging here. Secondly, I firmly believe that in today’s interconnected world, collaboration is not limited by physical proximity. It is crucial to understand that location does not determine the
strength of a connection. Regarding criticism, I have observed that people often operate from a place of fear rather than courage or trust. As a result, they tend to follow the herd and settle for mediocrity. However, I remain focused on achieving great things and refuse to let negative opinions undermine my creative abilities.”

Why Dubai?

When we asked Jones why he decided to pursue his career in Dubai, he shared the following insights:

“I didn’t plan to launch my career here; it just sort of happened. While it’s possible that things may have progressed more quickly elsewhere, I have no regrets. The reason being that, even though my social media numbers may not reflect it, Dubai has provided me with opportunities that many top artists worldwide could only dream of. For instance, I’ve had the chance to perform alongside heavyweights such as Wiz Khalifa, J. Cole, Tove Lo, Kizz Daniels, Olamide, Enrique Iglesias, Big Sean, Sean Paul, Just Blaze, among others. Furthermore, I have collaborated with major record labels like Universal Music and Sony.

I believe that Dubai serves as a gateway to the world. I am eagerly waiting for the right opportunity to share my story and showcase all of these experiences to a broader audience. I’m ready, I’ve been ready!”

Sound Engineering and Production

As an artist, I have come to realize that honing my skills in production, mixing, and mastering has been a critical aspect of my success in the music industry. While my passion for creating music is what drives me, I recognize that it takes much more than just raw talent to make a living as an artist. In fact, my proficiency in these technical areas has been instrumental in helping me sustain my career and pay my bills.


The latest single by the artist is currently gaining traction in Dubai and various parts of Nigeria. The song centers around the importance of staying true to oneself despite facing opposition. Its catchy hook has received widespread acclaim, and the track has been positively received by audiences.

During a recent interview, the artist expressed their confidence in the single, stating “I think we really got one here.” This conviction is well-founded, given the track’s growing popularity and impact on listeners.

To further promote the song, the accompanying music video being brought to life by retrolounge studios, will be released online in the coming weeks. The artist and their team are eager to share their vision and message with a wider audience and are confident that the video will be just as well-received as the single itself.

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