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Rising Stars Avery and Ella Set to Revolutionize Rock with Upcoming EP “Dear IV”

The music scene is buzzing with anticipation as Avery and Ella, the dynamic band out of the nation’s capital, prepare to release their debut EP, “Dear IV,” on March 17. The band, comprising Avery (AJ) Petrucci on bass and vocals, Ella Gallogly on guitar and vocals, and Robzie Trulove on drums, has been making waves with their distinctive blend of progressive rock and a deeply resonant narrative that champions female empowerment within the genre.

Avery and Ella’s journey to this point has been marked by notable achievements and performances on some of the most iconic stages across the globe, from the Viper Room Stage in California to the 100 Club in London. Yet, it’s their upcoming EP that’s poised to truly set them apart in the music industry.

Nikolas Lemmel, spokesperson for Maximatic Media, the PR agency representing Avery and Ella, highlighted the band’s unique position in the music landscape: “Avery and Ella aren’t just releasing an EP; they’re sending out a rallying cry for change in the industry. Their music transcends traditional rock boundaries, inviting listeners of all backgrounds to find common ground in their melodies and messages.”

The band’s efforts to break through the rock genre’s traditionally male-dominated narrative have not gone unnoticed. With “Dear IV,” Avery and Ella aim to solidify their place in music history as pioneers of a new wave of rock that’s as inclusive as it is groundbreaking. The EP promises to be a blend of heavy, yet melodious tunes that speak to the heart of the listener, embodying the band’s journey, struggles, and victories.

The significance of “Dear IV” extends beyond its musical composition. Each track is a testament to Avery and Ella’s resilience in the face of the music industry’s challenges, particularly those faced by marginalized female musicians. The band’s story is one of triumph over adversity, a theme that resonates deeply in their upcoming release.

Lemmel further emphasized the impact of the band’s narrative: “The stories woven into ‘Dear IV’ are universal. Avery and Ella have managed to create an EP that’s not only musically captivating but also incredibly inspiring. They’re not just musicians; they’re storytellers, activists, and leaders on a mission to empower and uplift.”

As the release date approaches, Avery and Ella are gearing up for their March 17 Release Show, an event that’s expected to draw fans and newcomers alike, all eager to witness the band’s evolution and to be part of this pivotal moment in their career. The buzz around “Dear IV” and its potential to chart a new course for women in rock is palpable, setting the stage for what could be one of the most influential music releases of the year.

Avery and Ella’s “Dear IV” is not just an EP; it’s a declaration of the band’s vision for the future of rock music—a future where diversity, inclusion, and empowerment take center stage. As the music industry waits with bated breath, Avery and Ella stand ready to meet the moment, armed with their instruments and a message that’s impossible to ignore.

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