Saturday, July 13, 2024

Sacramento Rapper Skar’s Road Towards Success

The music industry has given many talented artists the chance to establish themselves. Building yourself as an artist who is cherished by the right audience takes a lot of time and hard work. But in the end, the effort does pay off. Many creators work on their careers for years before achieving something concrete for themselves.

One of these talented and passionate artists is Skar. He came from Sacramento and pushed himself to make his way up. Starting from a smaller city and moving to San Francisco to kickstart his musical career truly seemed like a challenge at first, but it did work out in his favor. With hard work and dedication, he has established a label independently, No Feeling Ent.

Furthermore, he has been signed by Mozzy Records to produce high-quality music. Skar has been on the go since then and has had the opportunity to tour around the country and perform with various famous artists as well. Making this happen has been a dream come true for him.

Skar advises others to be smart when they first enter the industry and understand that not everyone is a friend. Building a personal relationship and a strong bond can take some time, but it’s better to have genuine people around you who truly celebrate your success. Skar has been a heartthrob on the internet as well. He has accumulated millions of views on YouTube and hit 100k on other social media platforms. Social media has helped him reach out to a wider audience and share his art with fans all around the world.

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