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Saumitra Pandey of SalesDuo: Amazon Sponsored Brand Video

When watching a video, it’s been shown that viewers can recall 95% of the material. However when it comes to reading text, the same viewers only retain10%. Since a buyer just views basic visuals and product descriptions, one of the challenges of Amazon advertising might be communicating your brand’s message. Thankfully, Amazon offers Sponsored Brand Videos, which let you post video content directly in the search results to increase conversions. Through the use of keywords, this video feature may pinpoint your audience and take them directly to your product description page. Giving your brand’s message and persuading people to buy your goods with a video that appears in search results gives you more space on the results page and may increase sales.

Let’s discuss sponsored brand video advertising, what they are, and how to use them into your marketplace strategy.

What Are Sponsored Brand Ads on Amazon?

The Sponsored Brand Video ad format is an excellent way to boost clickthrough rates and conversions since it quickly captures a customer’s attention as they browse search results. When a consumer starts a search, these videos are inserted around related product listings. These clips make it simple for shoppers with high buy intent to learn more about the product and brand before clicking into the listing, increasing the likelihood that a potential customer would choose your product over a competitor.

Now, when a buyer comes across your advertisement, what precisely are theylooking at? Let’s go through each of the four main components:

  1. Product information: The product image, title, star rating, number of reviews, price, and prime eligibility for each brand are shown.  
  2. Sponsored tag: This tag is shown above the product title or in the upper right corner of the video.
  3. Video: The video will begin playing after 50% of it has loaded into the screen.
  4. Mute toggle button: Videos always begin without audio, but viewers may unclick the mute button to turn it on.

The landscape of Sponsored Brand Video advertisements was expanded by Amazon. With the Sponsored Brand Video format, users on mobile and desktop devices can now view your items in action while browsing search results.

Best Practices

It’s important to learn about the recommended best practices before incorporating anything new into your digital advertising plan. Here are some suggestions for Sponsored Brand Videos to help you plan your marketing approach:

  • On-screen text: Place a black box over the movie and use a sans-serif typeface, such as Helvetica. This makes it possible for people who aren’t listening to the audio to understand what the voiceover is saying. Verify that your text can be read on both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Video loop: You get 15 to 30 seconds to convey your message in the video loop. Remember that the video will resume once it is finished, so make sure it flows naturally.
  • Media optimization: Main video components should remain inside the safe region to prevent text, logos, and other crucial information from being omitted.
  • Product-focused: Within the initial few seconds of your video, you should showcase your product and its key selling feature.

Eligibility For Sponsored Brand Ads on Amazon

Along with sellers, book vendors, and agencies, everyone who has registered their brand on Amazon is eligible to take part in Sponsored Brands. However, at this moment, Amazon does not permit the promotion of Sponsored Brand advertisements for adult items, used products, refurbished products, or anything in restricted categories. This feature is available in the following countries:

  • North America – Canada, United States of America
  • Europe – Germany, Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom
  • Asia – India

Create Videos with The Video Creative Builder

Amazon offers a Video Creative Builder, which is also in beta, to assist merchants in creating straightforward video commercials. To utilize this feature, you must either be a DSP self-service or managed-service customer. A logo, a unique headline, and up to three goods are typically included in video advertisements. Before submitting the video ad for approval, you may test out several inventive ad combinations utilizing the “Ad Preview” drop-down.


Like any other type of Amazon advertisement, you won’t know what works best for your business until you try it. Running a video ad is justified by the fact that it is restricted to brand-registered vendors and the big ad space it provides. Your product and business stand out from the crowd, and that’s well worth the money to invest in.

Navigating the constant new tools as a business on Amazon can be tricky to work through. Companies such as SalesDuo, work to help propel businesses to success by offering powerful insights on ways to optimize a business’s presence through account management, operations, creative services, and finance. For more information, visit www.salesduo.com.

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