Sithlord Chamba Starts The Spring With “Breezy”

Kicking off the spring and continuing to electrify, award-winning artist Sithlord Chamba unleashes his latest single, “Breezy”. This release was his latest creative transformation in his production evolution. The last few releases were all different sub-genres of Hip-hop as he is experimenting with different sounds and melodies and seeing what his favorite vibe is going to be.

‘Breezy’ is a powerful statement made by Sithlord Chamba to stake his claim at the top of the Miami rap food chain. A song addressing heartbreak. Sithlord Chamba finds himself hopeless and heartbroken following a break-up and finds himself searching for answers at the end of a bottle. The relatable concept draws from real-life experience and addresses every emotion that comes with heartbreak and the course of actions that takes place. The song’s dark, depressing and desperate lyrics came to the rising star naturally, and he knew so many could relate to the pain.

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