Sonny Martell Is Looking To Be Innovative In The Cannabis Industry With His String Of Businesses

Sonny Martell has come a long way since his initial debut to all major streaming platforms in 2019. Martell has made some noise early in 2021 with his album “City Limits,” an 11-song album featuring other talents as well. Despite the constant music drops, Martell’s main focus has been elsewhere.

Martell has entered the Cannabis industry with a line of businesses that all cohesively represent a new movement. ‘Elevated Avenue,’ started by Martell and his friend Tylor Rob, is a more artistic-based venture. The company makes and sells 1 of 1 handcraft wooden items. The company offers custom options among their ability to make chairs, tables, butcher blocks, and whatever else can be imagined. The company began by selling rolling trays, only the beginning of Martell’s journey in the cannabis industry.

Another vital piece of Martell’s movement is his clothing line centered around a self-created form of music called ‘Cannasoul.’ Martell thinks of the genre as being “cannabis-infused music.” He took the idea even further once he released the Cannasoul Clothing Collection. “The Cannasoul Collection pieces represents the brand due to the fact that the look of the shirt is wood stained just like our wooden products we specialize in,” explains Martell. “Our goal with our Rolling trays, handcrafted ashtrays, and Cannasoul Collection is to do something innovative in the Cannabis industry with fashion, wooden products, and other accessories.”

Martell hasn’t necessarily put the brakes on his music career, but his focus in other places can’t go unrecognized. The creative still is deeply involved in the music industry with his business ‘Company Sounds.’ The firm specializes in artist development, marketing, merchandising, and also jingle writing for businesses.

Martell’s hustle to create an overarching brand of cannabis-inspired production has allowed him to open up new avenues and income streams. He says his ultimate goal is to create something that will last forever. “My ultimate goal is to create something that stands the test of time,” said Martell. “Something that builds and continues to create generational wealth for my family and loved ones. Also, something that has such an impact on the culture it manifests blessings for others. There’s greatness in us all, and the blessing is tapping into that is giving back. I just wanna play my part and create positive change in the world.

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