Monday, May 27, 2024

superdrowsy has announced an upcoming full-length album: cyberLAND

March 2023 – superdrowsy is an artist who straddles the line between a wide range of styles. His music combines the edge of hip-hop with the melody of modern electronica, finding the perfect balance between these different styles and making for a truly unique formula.

cyberLAND, the artist’s upcoming album, is going to be immersive and endearing from the moment you hit the play button. The release offers a very engaging listening experience, which immediately makes for a unique mood setter. This album is highly recommended to fans of artists such as Juice WRLD, Drake or Marshmello, among others.

The audience will be transported right away, showcasing the artist’s ability to create ambiance, a true world in sound. While the release has a very organic, cinematic power to it, it also feels like a stunning opportunity for the audience to really get to discover more about what drives superdrowsy’s creativity. “cyberLAND” is a perfect way in, and an entry point into the imaginative and vibrant vision of an artist that’s far from the average player in the music game today. In addition to the performance and sound design, “cyberLAND” is also excellent in terms of production. The album is pristine and world-class, exactly what people might expect from a world-class act that wants to find an audience on a truly global stage.

At its core, ”cyberLAND” is actually a really perfect example of what superdrowsy is all about.

Find out more about superdrowsy, and do not miss out on “cyberLAND”.

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