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As the use of mobile phones continues to rise, SMS has emerged as one of the most important modes of communication. It has been almost 30 years since the SMS technology came into existence and ever since its inception, it has witnessed enormous growth. In the beginning, it was only used by individuals to keep in touch with their family and friends, but due to the versatility of functions it provides, SMS has now become a major component of sales plans and business marketing for many organizations as well.

In this digital age, SMS marketing industry is growing at a rapid rate and has become the most vital channel of marketing for brands across the globe. As organizations nowadays are looking for different ways to reach their potential customers, SMS marketing is becoming a highly effective and essential part of a company’s marketing strategy.

The invention of new tools and technologies, creative digital marketing strategies, and seismic change in customer behavior have paved the way for SMS marketing. SMS technology has become an important tool for organizations to survive in the extremely competitive business environment and has increased consumer engagement effectively. Through SMS marketing, companies can bridge the gap between them and their customers, regardless of their location. It not only offers convenience in communicating with customers about latest promotional offers, discount or deals or a new product launch, but also contributes to successful marketing campaigns by creating customer awareness.

SMS marketing is not only the most cost effective and flexible option of digital marketing, but also offers quick delivery, has a broader reach, works well with other channels of marketing, increases return on investment, improves customer loyalty and, strengthens customer relationship and engagement.

SMS marketing is a very simple, yet a wonderfully productive tool that helps organizations in achieving great levels of success. However, an organization needs to collaborate with an efficient company which has the knowledge of how SMS marketing works and has the ability to drive profitable results for their organization. One such company, which is providing high quality and top-notch SMS marketing services to its clients is Textdrip, founded by Philip Portman in 2020. By using artificial intelligence and drip messaging, the company provides different businesses with creative all-in-one solutions so that they can increase the outreach and automate their customer communication.

Textdrip works in accordance with the everchanging Mobile Carriers’ Regulations and FTC’s TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) guidelines and helps organizations in achieving effortless follow-up with the leads and great success through their inexpensive costs, CRM syncing compatibility, unparalleled deliverability, plenty of additional features and mobile app. Compared to traditional texting methods, Textdrip has helped its clients in receiving the best response rates. Portman laid the foundation of this business for the purpose of providing a straightforward and streamlined user interface for everyone and not just IT professionals. For avoiding blocking and throttling of messages, the company compensates the carriers to reserve bandwidth for their messages and  also evaluates the subject of their clients’ messages to assure maximum rate of return.

For facilitating small-scale organizations in their recruitment and hiring process, the company also developed a text-based applicant tracking system called RecruitDrip, which can be accessed on any iOS, web or android device. Its online version can also be accessed through Firefox and Chrome. Its Argos automation feature helps organizations in making a swift transition to virtual operations.

Since its inception, Textdrip has received a lot of awards which include Easiest to do business with G2 Award (Fall 2022), High performer (Small Business) G2 Award (Fall 2022), High performer G2 Award (Fall 2022), High performer (Mid-Market) G2 Award (Fall 2022), Easiest to do business with G2 Award (Winter 2023), Momentum leader G2 Award (Winter 2023) and the High performer G2 Award (Winter 2023).

In 2023, we can predict that SMS marketing will grow even more and will be used by various organizations to increase their revenue and expand their overall reach. By opting for the SMS marketing services of Textdrip, companies can achieve their goals and reach their optimal potential. Through their services, Textdrip has not only helped businesses in creating brand awareness, but has also helped the entire digital marketing industry grow past its limits.

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