Tom Ripert – Making Renting Procedures of Luxurious Cars Easy & Commendable

According to research conducted by Bloomberg, a group of enthusiastic automotive-obsessed millennial men believes that as their generation grows older and wealthier, so will their interest in all fanciful things. They still enjoy zippy little cars like the Volkswagen GTI and can’t deny the utilitarian appeal of compact crossovers like the Chevy Trax, but there comes the point when they find themselves halfway up the totem pole and realize it’s time to elevate their status with a fancy new ride.

Jaguar, Lexus, Acura, and Cadillac are all among the top ten brands leased by all car lovers, and Edmunds reports that the 18 to 34-year-old demographic “leases 60% of their luxury cars, compared to around 50% for other buyers.” While Bloomberg suggests that this data shows that American millennials like cars, defying previous predictions that this generation would prefer public transportation or car sharing, we know that this is a generation that values instant gratification and upgrades. In order to meet this generation’s growing desire for luxurious cars, Tom Ripert co-founded ROLZO.

The global car rental market is highly fragmented, with inconsistent service, fees, and procedures, which is why Ripert laid down the foundation of a business model that is unique and provides the same high level of service while keeping operational costs low.

Born on September 6, 1989, in Montpellier, France, Tom Ripert is a French entrepreneur best known as the founder and CEO of ROLZO, a global luxury mobility service company. Ripert spent most of his childhood in Marseille. He graduated from KEDGE Business School with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

Ripert started his professional career at LVMH in 2011, where he worked on the Fendi and Louis Vuitton brands. He then switched and started a career at AKQA in 2013. He started working on projects with international clients such as Coutts, Zegna, and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars while at AKQA. Ripert has been working in the luxury motor industry for the last 10+ years and has gathered vast experience from brands like LVMH, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, and Coutts.

In 2017, Ripert co-founded ROLZO with Khaled Shehata. Since its inception, the company has been entirely funded by internal resources and has amassed annual revenue in excess of eight figures. Through Ripert’s relentless efforts, ROLZO is now the world’s leading provider of luxury transportation, car rentals, and VIP meet & greet services. The company operates in over 500 cities and serves some of the most well-known brands in the travel, lifestyle management, hospitality, aviation, luxury retail, and entertainment industries.

Ripert’s company, ROLZO, is primarily a B2B company that uses LinkedIn as its best marketing channel. LinkedIn has served ROLZO as both a social media platform to engage with and attract a relevant following, as well as a platform to target prospective new clients.

Knowing that people are huge admirers of services like Uber, which do business and travel completely painless and paperless, Ripert excitedly worked on the establishment and stability of ROLZO, a luxury transportation and car rental service that meets right in the middle of elite motoring and stress-free simplicity.

The premise of the London-based company is straightforward but tantalizing. Ripert has worked tirelessly to enable ROLZO to provide a fleet of over 5000+ models of the world’s most exclusive cars in 100 countries, 500 cities, and 1000 airports. ROLZO is a travel technology firm that offers access to luxury automobile rentals and chauffeur services to the top companies in the travel and aviation industry. Ripert has made ROLZO competent enough in the vehicle market that with it, one can avoid the frustrations and stresses of owning and maintaining a luxury vehicle and instead use some of the world’s finest cars on the go.

Tom Ripert, born to herald a new era of luxury mobility, envisions a world defined not by ownership but by a greater promise: the choice of experience. This is the reason why the founding vision of his company was set to use technology to provide a dependable and global alternative to time-consuming rental procedures and unprofitable car ownership. His company strives to make car travel as simple as possible by providing real-time access to the world’s largest fleet of vehicles in just a few clicks. According to Ripert, “The lifestyle markers of car ownership that have been held dear in previous years are now seen as irrelevant by a society that is rapidly evolving from ownership to users. Because of this, rather than owning a car, having access to one is now more important.”

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