Wes DeLux, A Yin Yang in the Rap Game, Drops 2 new tracks “JUMANJII” and “Whomanitarian (feat. NVNNV)” to close out the summer

How do you label Atlanta-based rapper, singer, guitarist, spiritualist, and hustler, Wes DeLux? You don’t. Wes DeLux is a force that won’t be boxed in. This eclectic musical pioneer is emerging as the Yin Yang in the rap game. He fuses spiritual quests and hustler ambitions resulting in a sound that is uniquely his own. His summer releases, “JUMANJII” and “Whomanitarian (feat. NVNNV),” are proof that Wes is a relentless artist hell-bent on leaving a permanent imprint on the industry.

The Yin Yang Approach

While many rappers stay confined to a singular style or message, Wes DeLux dares to explore the full spectrum of his being. “Humans are so complex. When you let your ego close you off, you limit your potential,” Wes says. With an R&B track like “Critical (feat. Marx Connors)” and ongoing work in house and EDM rap, Wes believes in creating and evolving without boundaries.

A Tale of Two Sides

An example of his boundaryless evolution is the fact that Wes DeLux doesn’t shy away from embracing both the spiritual and materialistic sides of life. “I have a spiritual zen side that focuses on finding your inner self, love, and nature,” he explained. This spiritual inclination is mirrored in his enlightening raps and a yearning to explore inner complexities. The other side of DeLux is the unapologetic hustler, a persona that thrives on the allure of fame, money, and cars. He is also unapologetic about his opinion of a conventional 9-5 grind. The limitations that come with it are simply not for him.

An Artist’s Journey

Yet his future appears limitless. However, the Atlanta rapper didn’t wake up one day and just decide to fuse spiritual elements into his rap music. Wes’s transformative journey included classical piano lessons at age 7 and self-taught guitar skills which were nurtured by his father. He then went on to DJing college parties at the University of Georgia, but it was rap that finally called to him. He found influence from rap legends like Lil Wayne, Mac Miller, and Kid Cudi, as well as rock icons like Led Zeppelin and Guns N Roses.

Overcoming Challenges

Yet like many artists, Wes experienced his share of obstacles. From a tumultuous youth tarnished by bad decisions to battling OCD and depression, he has had to confront challenges head-on. “The biggest obstacle was finding out who I truly am,” he confides. This self-discovery led to his current state of sobriety, a lifestyle change that has fueled his considerable creative output.

Setting New Standards

With over 250,000 streams on Spotify and countless performances, DeLux is more than just an emerging artist. He has already dropped about 40 songs and shows no sign of slowing down. “Watch me evolve,” he proclaims, giving credit to his current main producer 1K Chainz for inspiring him to up his game.

Future Visions

Looking ahead, DeLux sees himself gaining over a million Spotify streams and venturing into major festival performances. His ultimate goal? To unify his dualities into one central persona and bridge the gap between the spiritual and the ego-centric aspects of the rap game.

Wes DeLux defies easy categorization making him a unique talent in a crowded field. In a world that often insists on labels, DeLux is rewriting the rules, urging us all to embrace our complexities and “breed new art within our souls.”

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