William Goodall, Founder Of Bay Smokes: A Pioneer In The World Of Online Cannabis Brands

Throughout his life, William Goodall has maintained a deep passion for the world of medicine, more specifically, the science of plant medicine. Over the last decade, as more and more states have legalized the use of marijuana and other experimental plants for medicinal and recreational uses, Goodall has explored new business opportunities with the founding of Bay Smokes. With Bay Smokes, Goodall is building a brand around THC, CDB, Delta-8, and other types of plant medicine, as well as the personal benefits of using them. “My passion and goal is to sell the highest quality plant medicine and natural products by marketing them in unique ways,” Goodall shares.

Before beginning his entrepreneurial career, Goodall figured the best way to further his passions would be to pursue a degree in biomedical engineering. After only one year at university, he quickly realized that the path of secondary education was not the best-suited decision for him. The following years were full of turmoil and obstacles for Goodall on his path to eventual success, as he faced debt and failures after failure. However, with the continual determination and hard work ethic and his life/business partner Katiana, Goodall has taken Bay Smokes to impressive heights, selling out shelves across the country and amassing over 215k followers on Instagram; thanks in part to Goodall’s creative and educational social media content.

“Every day, I discover more along the journey about how my goals will manifest into reality,” Goodall states. Even in those years of hardship, the eventual success of Bay Smokes was never in question. Those years came with important life and business lessons that have only helped Bay Smokes to thrive as they have found more and more successes. Moving forward, Goodall is working on expanding the Bay Smokes brand and the other businesses in his portfolio, which include a marketing management company and social media content creation studio. “In short, I’m driven by my passions and finding ways to bring my ideas to life.”

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John Lyberg
John Lyberg
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