YouTube Legend Goblin Is Starting Up Brand New Series “The Gobcast”

YouTube legend Goblin is taking his stardom to the next level. He’s already a sensation, boasting over a half million subscribers and 50,000 followers on his Instagram. Now, his upcoming podcast “The Gobcast” takes the forefront as Goblin expands his multimedia career for the better.

Goblin (also known as Nick Campana) has always had dreams bigger than others could see. He made his first YouTube video at about 11 years old, a catalyst for a lifelong journey as a creator. When he was 18 he even quit his job at a car dealership to pursue content creating 100%. Now a full time influencer, his new career seems like less of a job and more of a blessing, fortunate with the opportunity to meet new people and learn new perspectives. Goblin’s fans are always eager to learn with him, whether the topic is recreational drugs, pop culture, or life in general. He hopes to transfer that excitement to “The Gobcast”, a podcast hosted by Goblin where he’ll spend more time shedding light into his signature topics and having deep conversations with fans and colleagues.

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