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A Lifelong Fixture and Music Guru in the Detroit Scene, Bread Boi is Ready to Prove his Own Artistic Abilities

Repping Detroit through and through, rising hip-hop artist Bread Boi has made the rounds through his Michigan hometown and is ready to bring his music to a worldwide audience. From his years escalating through the Detroit rap battle scene to the moment in his life when he was staring significant jail time in the face, Bread Boi has avoided the potholes thus far in his life and made a name for himself all while staying 100% true to himself. “To know that I’m genuinely loved for being genuine is everything for me,” the Detroit rapper shares.

Beginning his journey in music at 14 years old, Bread Boi found himself in the thick of Detroit’s rap battle scene as he went through his teen years. Proving himself in the scene, however, Bread Boi was able to win himself studio time in Detroit with some of the city’s most prolific names. Learning the ins and outs of the city’s music industry, he eventually came to be at the helm of his own studio. “My greatest achievement would be taking so many artists to the next level in their careers,” Bread Boi states. He continues, “Being a focal point in my city for producing, songwriting and being a social media guru has put smiles on faces across the world.”

Not only has he helped others achieve their dreams over the years, but Bread Boi is hard at work making his dreams as an artist come to fruition. In recent years, he has been working tirelessly with the producers and artists who he admires most to truly perfect his sound. The result is his upcoming EP entitled Corey Cartel, which is set to bring Bread Boi and his unique sound to the world.

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John Lyberg
John Lyberg
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