SpaceNTime Is Crafting a New Authentic Sound in the LA Music Scene

Having a unique and authentic sound can be one way to establish and cement your presence in the music scene. Both artists and producers need a unique sound that they identify with to make them stand out in the industry. Experts in the music scene consider having a unique sound advantageous to any artist or producer, especially with the increased competition. It not only sets you ahead of the competition but also makes you memorable, as it becomes your signature.  

Though some artists and producers might struggle to craft their unique signature sounds, others such as SpaceNTime seem to have mastered the art, and they’re doing it effortlessly. SpaceNTime is a talented, top producer with many years of experience in the industry. He is a renowned producer formally known as Varun Sharma, often overshadowed by his stage name, SpaceNTime. Many know him as the veteran producer behind the great beats on Pacman Da Gunman’s releases taking over the airwaves. 

SpaceNTime has been working with Pacman Da Gunman since 2014, and he has been labeled as his in-house producer. The two have worked together on a couple of great projects, including “Money Power,” a single by Pacman Da Gunman and Yhung T.O. that dominated various charts. In fact, the track was featured in Billboard’s Top 25, a significant milestone for the gifted producer. SpaceNTime has also seen two of his other projects featured on the iTunes Top 40 Hip-hop chart placement, claiming positions 14 and 4. He was recently awarded two plaques for these milestones, and he continues to work hard for more. 

But what makes SpaceNTime stand out in the market is his unique and strong brand as a producer. His warm personality has also earned him a solid resume of artists that he produces. SpaceNTime also credits his creativity and innovation to be another significant factor that has helped him stand out in the industry. SpaceNTime recently announced that he is doing a project to craft a new authentic and original sound that will transform the industry. He wants to come up with something thrilling that will captivate not only the hip-hop fanbase but the entire LA music scene at large. 

This is part of SpaceNTime’s goal to ensure he fully possesses his brand as a producer, something he once struggled with. According to him, sticking to his brand and not selling out to accelerate his career was his most significant challenge. He also found it tough to learn to fall in love with the journey and not the destination. 

But he has since mastered the art of staying dedicated, embracing music production as the only thing he was meant to do. 

“Staying dedicated as if this was what I was meant to do every day regardless of money is how I was able to overcome many obstacles,” says SpaceNTime.

SpaceNTime’s goal is to scale his brand and make larger and more significant investments in his music brand. He also wants to work with more talented artists and help them make great hits for their fans. 

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