Tuesday, April 23, 2024

AirplaneB Is Making His Presence Known In The Music Industry

Fresh to the scene, upcoming record producer and songwriter AirplaneB is set to take over the game soon. With the first official project he worked on entitled “Legends In The Making” making huge waves to this day, AirplaneB is putting his sound and creativity into the market and influencing it heavily! He tells us that initially when he first started producing, he was inspired by producers like Just Blaze, Timberland, and Ye. Today, he says his inspiration is himself and his life experiences. He likes to challenge himself to create dope art and do different types of records. Variety in sound and approaching tracks differently definitely keeps things fresh, and he uses every tool in his bag to execute that. He also tells us that he creates all kinds of genres, but mostly hip-hop and R&B. Airplane B is set on making his mark on the music industry, and we think he’s next up! Don’t sleep, he’s just getting started!

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