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‘DJ Mario Guerra’ studies trends in trap and hip-hop in Holland, Belgium, Germany, and Chile

DJ and entrepreneur Mario Guerra began his musical career in 2016. Shortly before, the Bahian traveled to countries such as Holland, Belgium, Germany, France and Chile, studying trends in trap and hip-hop music. In Brazil, he became one of the great highlights of the trap scene, he was a resident of the Santo Cupido club and became the DJ Revelation of 2022.

With great experience in the international scene? Dj Mario Guerra has performed in countries in South America and Europe, Mario Guerra has been touring all over Brazil with presentations in several clubs, making him one of the best known DJs in the Brazilian trap scene. Fresh from a tour in the United States, the DJ debuts as a producer, with “We Can Do It!”.

In partnership with DJ and producer Byel TVZ, this is the first single by Dj Mario Guerra and will be the flagship of the album “Silbervogel 2”. With a striking vocal and typically hip-hop instrumental, the single was released in August, through a lyric video on the DJ’s official YouTube channel, and promises to shake the world’s tracks.

DJ Mario Guerra made the internet the fertile ground for his ideas, taking the aesthetics of Bahian streets to the virtual world. With direct and objective communication, the DJ from Bahia created his own style that conquered a legion of fans from all over the country on social networks. From the virtual world of Retian Maxims to the reality of Brazilian ears. From the partnership with Fernadinho beatbox, an original and differentiated sound aesthetic was born. But it was in the partnership with Byel TVZ, that Dj Mario Guerra found the perfect ground to create and launch his works and has been gaining more and more space in the Brazilian trap scene.

DJ Mario Guerra is considered a DJ of the new Brazilian artistic crop, who naturally incorporated more modern elements to hip hop, drinking from the fountain of his idols and with a contemporary politicized discourse. While the traditional image of the genre refers to the suburban ghettos and seeks to bring rap closer to the mainstream pop flow. In the case of Dj Mario Guerra, his songs are marked by romanticism and a different flow with more harmonic bases and striking melodies. There are influences from black Brazilian music, such as the groove of Raul Seixas, but what stands out are the bass beats and more electronic timbres from North American trap, mixed with the sung melody of São Paulo funk.

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