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Amer Sal Mohammed Reveals 3 Ways to Ascertain If You Were Born to Become a Musician

If you hear tunes and pitches, and voices and vibrations, and beats and rhythms in just about everything that falls on your ear, it’s because you love music. But is this enough to tag you as a born musician? Amer Sal Mohammed has an answer. 

Amer Sal Mohammed is a highly renowned Canadian artist who has quite a story to share on his life journey. From memories of humble beginnings in Saudi Arabia to growing up and sharing the stage with the best visual artists in the world, Amer has seen and done it all. 

Putting to work the creative streaks he is blessed with to identify other creative souls, Amer reveals 3 ways to identify a born musician. 

You are inquisitive about everything music

“As a visual artist, everything I see, I see through the eyes of an artist,” reveals Amer. “I am curious about all the minute details – the colors, textures, hues, and patterns in just about everything. And it is the same with musicians.” 

If you dig into every song you hear and try to decipher each unique sound and know just why it’s playing out the way it is, you know you have the talent to be a musician. 

You play by the rules only until you learn; once you learn, you explore

“The business of music is about playing by the rules only until you learn them all,” says Amer. “Once you’ve learned all there is to learn, it’s time to let go and explore your unique potential.” 

If you feel Amer is describing you here, you know you were born to be a musician. As a musician, every artist first needs to learn the technicalities of the genre, only then can they do justice to it. You first need to understand the tricks of the genre and then the industry. Once you have done that, you can make the industry your playground and use your knowledge to build a remarkable musical career. 

You know how to use music to change how others feel

“Those who are creative possess high levels of empathy, so if you feel what others feel and can relate to their thoughts and moods more than an average person, you do have the creative gene in you,” says Amer. As a visual artist who sells his art to the likes of Drake, Amer sure knows what creativity is all about. 

So if you find yourself resorting to one track after another to communicate with those close to you, or if you find yourself thinking that music is the best way to change the mood and make it better, you were indeed born to become a musician. 

A highly successful visual artist, Amer Sal Mohammed has come a long way from being just another 4-year-old in Saudi Arabia to evolving as a successful artist in Canada with high-end clientele clamoring for his works. If the insights that Amer has shared tell you that you are indeed a born musician, waste no time pursuing your dreams and sharing your unique talents with the world. 

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