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After dropping Tha APOTHEOSIS in 2021, an album whose release was literally 1 year in the making due to an the passing of his brother, YOUNG S.H.O fans thankfully won’t have to wait as long for what the veteran rapper from South Carolina reportedly has next in store.

As reported, YOUNG S.H.O recently announced an upcoming joint tour with SIKKIDZ. However, it appears as though IG followers let out a little bird that the rapper has new music on the way as well.

As fans were quick to join his IG Live (@SPL.S.H.O), after noticing a post about  the upcoming Album, a hungry fan base  appeared on his live to checkout what YOUNG S.H.O has in the works. “Approximately 24-48 hours after the IG live, YOUNG S.H.O posted (THE BLUE LION GOD HAS RETURNED!!!!

While the confirmation of YOUNG S.H.O upcoming album is equally subtle and exciting (as well as possibly amazing), YOUNG S.H.O has been dropping hints on social media in the form of the LION IMAGE that his long-awaited BLUE LION  project could be the next to see the light of day. Given that Many mainstream artist  has already announced their upcoming album, it is only fitting that S.H.O drop new music ahead of their tour as well.

According to Aiken Standard, the recently released live mash-up of S.H.O “TIKK TOKK, MOON AND SHAWTY GOT BODY” has made a home on the album, it was also shared to help promote the forthcoming North American tour. YOUNG S.H.O and SIKKIDZ are on the same page as far as their upcoming GOD TOUR goes, fans are hopeful that the rapper will be next to blow while his team is working hard to promote his  single as well as the upcoming album. This past month, the hip hop vet released his lead single for his upcoming project. ( MOON)

As previously reported, YOUNG S.H.O first revealed plans for APOTHEOSIS 2  three weeks ago during an interview on The Pen Game podcast. At thb he e time, he confirmed its existence but did not mention a release date for the project.

“The SC artist confirm his Album will drop 9/15/2023YOUNG S.H.O has so much in store and the fans of his home town who knows him by Shannon Collins respects the man he has become as Mr S.H.O. You want more on YOUNG S.H.O check him out on all platforms for stream music under (YOUNG S.H.O) also follow on IG @SPL.s.h.o” BEWARE OF THE BLUE LION

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