Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Archrok Entertainment is Gearing Up to Release The “Protector of the Gods” Film and Comic Book

Kameko Tarnez and the Archrok team have joined forces with award-winning actor Hill Harper and singer/actress Rhonda Ross (daughter of Berry Gordy and Diana Ross) to bring you the trilogy “Protector of the Gods”. Unlike other Hollywood Egyptian films, this afro-futuristic film will feature a full cast of black actors and actresses. This 30 million dollar sword and sorcery film will take you through the journeys of, arguably, Egypt’s most powerful queens, Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, and Cleopatra as they fight to preserve their bloodline and please the gods they praise. Following the success of Black Panther, this trendsetting story gives us a new set of representations to look up to! In fact, The Archrok team has teamed up with Philip Boute Jr., best known for his work as the costume designer for Black Panther, A Wrinkle in Time, Maleficient, Justice League, and more. Another name to drop in the already heavy-hitting roster of attached talent is VFX designer, Pete Polyakov, who is responsible for films such as Interstellar, Mad Max: Fury, Road, The Matrix Resurrection, and so much more. This dynamic team of artists is a powerhouse of talent and vision. It is no wonder that it already has the industry buzzing with tweets of excitement from legends such as Diana Ross and Tracee Ellis Ross. “Protector of the Gods” continues to spark the interest of everyone and has been recognized by Glamour and GQ magazine as “Hollywood’s First All-Black Egypt” film. 

Like production on many other major film projects, Covid-19 slowed things down a bit. However, it did not stop the Archrok team from moving forward. Being the innovator that we know Kameko to be, he and the Archrok team decided to expand the “Protector of the Gods” brand and will be releasing an attached comic book and 3-D animation series later this year. The release will begin exclusively in Egypt and Dubai.

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