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Frankie XY Talks About His Newest EP “Time & Space”

“The name Time and Space signifies the feeling of escaping reality – the moment when you’re going through a tough time and put on your headphones. Turn up the music and travel through time and space to another dimension where it all makes sense.” Headphones in, play. 

I listen to the handcrafted melody introduce itself — it immediately catches my attention. The build-up in ‘Intro’ lifted my brow, then putting a smile on my face. Note after note, although encapsulated in one tiny EP, fills our ears with a timeless masterful collection. It’s rhythmic, electronic vibe on replay. The brilliant melody is bright and pleasing to the ear. Instrumentally, the song has a rich, full sound that could complement almost any vocal track perfectly. Overall, Frankie XY’s latest sounds are distinctive and original, available on all platforms now. Behind The ArtistFrankie XY is a musician who has swiftly climbed to the top after releasing a plethora of various musical influences, garnering critical acclaim. Always having a passion for music, Frankie XY began to officially produce music in 2017. From then on, he expanded his creative boundaries and stretched his own musical palette – his style and genre described as unclassifiable. It makes sense, as his fanbase has grown around his timeless and appealing sounds. Marching to their own beats, artists like Chris Martin and Ye, were great role models for Frankie’s craft. The music and songs we often value you the most are those that stand out – these unique characteristics are possessed naturally by Frankie XY and seen so evidently in his art. 

As the buzz around his upcoming release – Neatly produced for Drake is emphasized, Frankie XY is seen as more than just a Producer but also as an artist himself. He describes Time & Space as a ‘product of his creative energy’ and seeing how far he could push himself creatively, even drawing inspiration from personal life lessons. This body of work consists of tangible and intangible inspirations that were meant to inspire others. “Growing up in East L.A. it was unheard of to pursue your dreams. It was the classic, go to school, work construction, or work two jobs when you grow up. Never made sense to me, so I decided to do what I wanted to do,” he explains, “I aim to do one thing: give people that courage to look past their own fears and go out and make their dreams a reality; like I did.”

A musical genius, Frankie is an accomplished musician who has showcased a treasure chest of technical skills, creativity, and a forward-thinking approach to melody. Innovative and forward-thinking, his timeless music is sure to have a positive influence on whoever hears it. 

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1gsiIfYhMMDl0XQdcCDZ4P?si=GLivBvUqRZe851YZ0R2tKw

Instagram: https://instagram.com/frankiexy_?utm_medium=copy_link

Twitter: https://twitter.com/frankiexy_?s=21

Tiktok: https://twitter.com/frankiexy_?s=21

Twitch: @frankiexy

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