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Beach Bums Never Die: Celebrating Life Through Surf, Comedy, and Sustainability

Beach Bums Never Die, the community for creative individuals, is hosting an exciting event on March 29th in Los Angeles, California. The event, called HIGH TIDE, is a night of comedy in partnership with Can’t Even Comedy, a popular comedy organization.

The event will be held at Beach Bums Never Die Studio located at 2404 #4i Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca 90057. The night will begin at 7 pm with a DJ set, followed by the comedy show at 8 pm. The lineup includes Caitlin Benson, Leroy, Willie Macc, Dan Paustian, and Colin Coughlin, and the night will end with another DJ set by Earoh. Get your HIGH TIDE tickets today.

One of the most exciting things about the HIGH TIDE event is the limited collaboration shirt available for purchase. The shirt is an excellent way to show your commitment to the Beach Bums Never Die lifestyle and the brand’s pillars: Sustainability, Hard work, Celebration, and Legacy. Every shirt holds utility, becoming your ticket to future events (comedy shows, smashing parties, music shows, etc.), and your chance to earn discounts on the various services or experiences BBND builds.

Beach Bums Never Die is built on sustainability. All pieces are picked from various thrift shops, estate sales, or donated from across the West Coast. Just like us as individuals, all pieces are unique, and one of a kind. Beach Bums Never Die encourages everyone to think about how they can make a wave while on their journey.

Currently, you can vibe with The Beach Bums through Surf/ Trip, a day full of high vibes and high tides. The experience starts with being picked up in the Inferno, a fiery red 1969 VW van, setting sail toward one of California’s beautiful beaches for Surf lessons, lunch from the yakitori grill, and a micro Trip. You can also hire the Beach Bums to throw your own beach party/event, including graduation parties, birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, open-mics, music festivals, and private dinners.

Surf/Trip is focused on stepping out of your comfort zone and letting life be free from the everyday rat race. Every experience comes with a BBND shirt, and a photobook zine to remember the time you had on your Surf/Trip with Beach Bums Never Die.

Legacy is a crucial pillar of the Beach Bums Never Die community. It all started as a college party in 2014, and now it’s a community for all of us to celebrate life and connect through the moments we live. Beach Bums Never Die’s upcoming event, HIGH TIDE, promises to be an exciting night of comedy and vibes. The event is a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and show your commitment to the Beach Bums Never Die community. If you can’t make it to the event, you can still be part of the community by ordering a shirt online at or setting up an appointment to shop at the showroom in Los Angeles via email at

Beach Bums Never Die is a community for creative individuals who value sustainability, hard work, celebration, and legacy. The upcoming event, HIGH TIDE, is an excellent opportunity to be part of the community and meet like-minded individuals. The limited collaboration shirt available for purchase is an excellent way to show your commitment to the lifestyle and its pillars. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to be part of the Beach Bums Never Die community. Join HIGH TIDE and start building your legacy with the Beach Bums Never Die today.

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