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Finesse Gang Polo Caught the attention of Montell Jordan with his New Song Head Shoulders Knees Toes

Orlando-based rap artist and ghostwriter Finesse Gang Polo has recently released his latest hit single “Head Shoulders Knees Toes” produced by Rippa On The Beat, which is already making waves in the music industry. Signed to major label Slip N Slide Records, Finesse Gang Polo is renowned for his hit tracks such as “Rainy,” “Florida Water,” “Drippin Logos,” and “YFAF,” which have garnered millions of streams.

However, it seems that his latest release may be his biggest hit yet, with the song gaining attention from legendary artist Montell Jordan and other big names in the hip hop industry.

“Head Shoulders Knees Toes” is a perfect club banger that will have you dancing and turning up from spring break all the way through summer. The track is also suitable for radio and has already received thousands of views on YouTube within just a few days after its release.

The song’s beat is a sample of Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It,” which has caught the attention of the artist himself. Montell Jordan was amazed by the great work Finesse Gang Polo did with the track and reached out to him to express his admiration. He followed Finesse Gang Polo on Instagram and congratulated him on his hit single, telling him that he will be a legend in hip hop due to his talent.

Finesse Gang Polo’s notable career highlights include being featured in some of the biggest hip hop magazines in the world. He has become a legend for Orlando hip hop artists, with many hit records under his belt. His latest single, “Head Shoulders Knees Toes,” maybe his biggest hit of all time, and is set to go International.

Finesse Gang Polo’s advice to others is to never give up on their dreams. He believes that anything is possible as long as you keep your mind on track and move smartly when it comes to the music industry. Building relationships and maintaining a good business mindset is crucial to success.

In the next few years, Finesse Gang Polo sees himself becoming one of the biggest artists in the rap game. His rate of success throughout his career is remarkable, and he is guaranteed to become one of the most successful artists in the industry.

Finesse Gang Polo is an artist who has taken the rap game by storm. His latest single, “Head Shoulders Knees Toes,” is gaining international attention and has caught the admiration of legendary artist Montell Jordan. Finesse Gang Polo’s advice to others is to never give up on their dreams and to move smartly in the music industry. With his talent and success rate, he is guaranteed to become one of the biggest artists in the industry.

The song has gone viral online and got Finesse Gang Polo a massive new fanbase. Its catchy beat and playful lyrics stick in your mind for a long time and you’ll have a hard time forgetting it.

But what you might not know is that the song is actually a sample of Montell Jordan’s classic hit “This Is How We Do It.” And not only did sample the song, but he also got in touch with Jordan to personally congratulate him on the success of “Head Shoulders Knees Toes.”

In an interview with UPN6XT, Jordan revealed that he was blown away by the way had transformed his song. “I couldn’t see nobody else do it better than him,” Jordan said. “He had to give me my flowers for the great achievement he just did with the single.”

It’s not every day that an up-and-coming artist gets recognition from a music legend like Montell Jordan. But with “Head Shoulders Knees Toes” going viral, it’s clear that Finesse Gang Polo has a bright future ahead of him in the music industry.

So next time you’re footing along to “Head Shoulders Knees Toes,” take a moment to appreciate the history behind the song. It’s a tribute to the classic sounds of the ’90s, and a testament to the power of music to bring people together.

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