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Blaqout Speaks about His New EP Eclipsis Eternus and How He Achieved Music Success

Blaqout, hailing from the heart of Kansas City, EDMartist emerges as a dynamic force in the electronic music scene. With an arsenal of bass-heavy beats and relentless energy, Blaqoutcrafts an auditory journey that captivates audiences worldwide. Influenced by the pulsating rhythms of the city and driven by a passion for innovation, Blaqout’s signature sound pushes the boundaries of dubstep, blending gritty basslines with intricate melodies to create an immersive sonic experience.

From intimate underground venues to massive festival stages, Blaqout’s performances ignite dance floors, leaving crowds craving more. With a relentless work ethic and an unwavering commitment to his craft, Blaqoutstands poised for greatness, ready to elevate any event with his electrifying presence. Booking Blaqout promises an unforgettable experience, where the fusion of sound and energy transports audiences into the heart of the dubstep revolution.

We got the pleasure to get up close and personal with the EDM star himself to ask a few questions. Blaqout shares his journey from some of his key start moments, all the way to his present star achievements.

“Touching story first. At one of my shows back in, I want to say 2017, a fan approached me after my performance at the Skyway Theater in Minneapolis, MN and was nearly in tears. The fans opened up about how watching my journey with mental health positively impacted theirs & kept them fighting the good fight. What they didn’t know at the time was that I was going through what was one of my darkest points in life. But they looked up to me, and I was looking up to them tooin that same moment. It taught mea lot about perspective. Funny story time! After that same show, the headliner and I went back to our hotel and instead of doing what most people think we “partyDJs” do,we ordered a pizza and reminisced about missing our significant others back home. We got all emo over a hot pizza, while the world’s thinking we’re supposed to be these “sleazy” “party animal” DJs. That moment really showed us that we’re not that, at all. Most of us are just simps who miss our significant others.” – Blaqout

Tell us something that your fans probably don’t know about you.

“I not only am a certified scuba diver (PADI), but I’ve dove the great barrier reef! I got certified at 14 and did over 30 dives that summer.” – Blaqout

What legacy do you hope to leave behind for the world?

“I hope to leave behind a legacy that carries the narrative of being able to pursue your dreams despite external pressure, as well as internal. At the very start, everyone was kinda like “yeah, cool, but you need a real job” and I won’t even begin to elaborate on what went on in my own head. It seemed like nobody really thought it could be done, and that’s a narrative I want my musical journey to break.” – Blaqout

What’s new with Blaqout and what’s next?

“Eclipsis Eternus, my newest EP. Which features 5 tracks of varying dubstep styles like tearout, riddim and deep dubstep. Eclipsis Eternus EP has been super fun one to release, and the response has been insane on it (especially for it being independent), but as far as upcoming projects there’s too many to even say. I’m sitting on, I ponder 5 unreleased EPs of 4 tracks each, a ton of singles. I have some collaborations on the way; I took a hiatus for a couple of years to pursue some other business projects in music, but I have been creating during that entire time.Right now, I’m working on what I’d say is definitely some more aggressive, even more so, angry-sounding dubstep music. That’s been super inspiring to me lately, but I’ve also enjoyed making more groovy stuff, more experimental tracks. I try to change it up a lot, but the main slice is currently that angry tearout-style dubstep for sure.” – Blaqout

Currently Blaqout’s new EP Eclipsis Eternus has amassed a total number of 75,000 streams across all social and streaming profiles. With this EP being a great success from Blaqout, the EDM artist promises a delivery of unbelievably powerful hit tracks to follow up.

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