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Tyler Bragoli’s “Star Baby” Paves the Way for His Latest Hit “Selfish”

Tyler Bragoli’s latest single, “Selfish,” signifies a mature step forward in his musical journey, showcasing his adeptness in crafting pop anthems infused with personal reflection. At just fifteen, originating from Long Island, New York, Tyler’s approach to music combines a genuine dedication and a respectful commitment to his craft. As a self-taught musician proficient in piano, guitar, and drums, Tyler has transitioned from an online sensation to an emerging pop artist with a promising future.

Following the success of “Star Baby,” which climbed the iTunes POP charts, “Selfish” further cements Tyler’s presence in the pop scene, demonstrating his ability to delve into more intricate melodies and themes.

Selfish” has a driving kick and infectious melody that has you pressing repeat. The song kicks off with Tyler singing,I been known to be a choosy lover, Set the load when I roll the dice. Heart is cold, even in the summer. Hit my phone, but I don’t reply.” With its upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics, the song instantly hooks listeners, perfectly capturing the vibe of teenage life where friendships and crushes are a big deal.

The music video for “Selfish,” filmed in the iconic settings of New York City and directed by Tom Flynn, provides a vibrant visual backdrop that enhances the themes of the song. Set against the bustling energy of Times Square, the video captures Tyler and his co-stars as they navigate the complexities of youthful connections. Featuring three girls, each representing a different girlfriend he’s drawn to.

The video mirrors Tyler’s personal journey, highlighting both the light-hearted moments and the deeper introspection that the lyrics convey. This collaboration with Flynn not only enriches the narrative but also offers a captivating experience that visually reflects the lively and reflective essence of “Selfish.”

Watch the music video below

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