Buzzing New Social Media Challenge Sparks Music & Fashion Trend

Instagram influencers, TikTokers, Youtubers and fashionistas are flooding the internet with videos showing the latest trends in fashion and South Florida artist, Chris Redding, is providing the soundtrack with his latest single, I Know What You Like.

The song instantly became a trend in the fashion world when Fashion Bomb Daily launched an interactive social challenge using the song after announcing the single as its official theme song during New York Fashion Week 2021.

Everyone from small business owners, young designers and professional athletes have stepped up to the challenge using the #IknowWhatYouLikeChallenge hashtag to show off their fashion drip. Fashion Bomb Daily, which is listed as one of the top 50 most influential style websites in the world, hosted a contest for its 2.3 million followers to submit their best Tik Tok and Instagram reels for a chance to win BIG!

Several artists and designers got their start with the website, including Grammy award-winning artist Cardi B who shot her first fashion photo shoot with Fashion Bomb Daily. The platform continues to embrace diversity providing daily doses of chic stylists of color, black fashion and entrepreneurship.

Redding says he is now working on his 3rd studio album which features the hit single “I Know What You Like” and his second hit single “Is it You?” featuring the sensational new hip hop artist, Young Garah and music collective Pangea Tribe. You can find more of Chris Redding’s music on Spotify and all streaming platforms.

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Listen to Chris Redding’s “I Know What You Like” below:

Here’s a look at a few fan videos:

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