Cafe Disko’s Monthly Releases Provide Enjoyable Tracks For the Rest of the Year

During the last decade, the music industry has seen several fresh talents making a mark with their unique blend of genres. While individual artists have been dominating the industry for quite some time now, only a few music bands have managed to capture the limelight in this space. Cafe Disko is one such band that is setting new trends in electronic pop with its unconventional music. The band became popular for its vibrant style of music that connected to people from all walks of life. 

Cafe Disko was started by two music enthusiasts Paul Alqas and Patrick Ditzel. The duo belongs to the new crop of music artists who dare to be different. Since the inception of the band, Paul Alqas and Patrick Ditzel have been rolling out one hit after another. Fusion of electronic pop has been their dominant genre. They have never feared to merge electrifying pop with future bass, contemporary disco, or even modern hip-hop. These experiments have helped them create fresh music for their fans, enthralling them each time. 

To date, Cafe Disko has released several singles and each has earned more than a million hits on digital platforms includingSpotify and SoundCloud. One of the songs “Santeria” (featuring DIVMOND) has been the most popular one on its list. The track crossed a million hits within a few weeks of its release. The ever-evolving music by Cafe Disko has always managed to garner positive attention from music lovers across the world. The band achieves around 100,000 to 400,000 monthly listeners on their digital media handles. 

With this crazy fan following, Cafe Disko soon made its way to live shows electrifying the crowd with their vibrant music and blazing stage presence. The brand has opened for many renowned DJs and Rappers across the country like Loud Luxury, Chance The Rapper, and T-Pain. To sync with the audience better and make them groove with every beat, Cafe Disko hires additional performers on live shows. 

Cafe Disko has always focused on making music for real people. The concept of their songs resonates with the everyday life of common people. The music is for every mood and occasion. It is relaxing, soul-soothing, or energetic and cutting-edge. It can be enjoyed while sitting at home, at a festival with thousands of other people, or while partying with friends. This has helped the duo of Cafe Disko engage with their listeners at a personal level. 

Taking the legacy of Cafe Disko further, Paul Alqas and Patrick Ditzel are planning to release a number of singles every month. This will keep the fans enthralled for the rest of the year. Going forward, Cafe Disko is aiming to expand their management team so the duo can completely immerse themselves in creating music, something they truly enjoy.

Cafe Disko is looking for opportunities to sign with some of the top artists in the industry to take their music to the next level. The band is already working with a renowned label and is optimistic about the project that will result. The duo wants to keep their fans entertained with music in the coming years, ensuring the fans don’t have to wait too long for the next song to be released.

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