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Dr Krissy Jones Explores the Essence of Philanthropy: A Commitment to Doing Good

Philanthropy can be defined as the desire, willingness, and active commitment to doing good. Dedicating time, talents, or wealth to helping individuals or the greater society flourish is the root of altruism – expressed by monetary contributions or volunteering with charitable causes and organizations.

Philanthropy has shaped global societies for centuries, and today is no different as poverty, hunger, disease, and a myriad of world concerns continue to need advocates to champion for a better future. Giving is now aided by apps and sites that make it easier than ever before. A few clicks can millions in seconds.

In the year 2022, compassionate Americans contributed a staggering $484.85 billion in charitable donations. Individual Americans carried the bulk by generously donating $326.87 billion, while foundations gave an estimated $90.88 billion throughout the year. Corporations flexed their philanthropic muscle with an estimated $21 billion in contributions throughout the same year to highlight the fact that kindheartedness seems to bubble from the bottom up.

Individuals like Dr. Krissy Jones bring a profound sense of giving to the doorsteps of so many in need, with community services including:

·      Volunteering

·      Family Adoption

·      Voluntary Board Member

·      Trilogy Trust Foundation

Volunteering: Dr. Jones is on a mission to pull families out of poverty and eliminate hunger. She volunteers weekly at St Francis Centre non-profit in LA to make hunger a thing of the past for LA County residents. Through her volunteer work, she helps the nonprofit collect food and distribute to those in need.

Dr. Jones contributes to food distribution in the field and at busy food pantries which can sometimes require skills like:

·      crowd control

·      welcoming clients

·      packing food boxes

·      restocking supplies

·      passing out food

Family Adoption: During the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, Dr. Jones’s family sponsors 10-20 Los Angeles families who are living on the margins of homelessness and extreme poverty. The togetherness of Thanksgiving is complemented by turkey dinner food boxes and cash donations to help sustain the family through the holiday.

Jones and family also collect wish lists during the Christmas season from these adopted families. The purchased and wrapped gifts are personally delivered to the families – along with a Christmas food box and holiday cash donation.

Board Member Volunteer: Dr. Jones is a voluntary board member for 2 charities.

1.    The first is a healthcare charity for terminally ill adults, babies, and children where she serves as secretary.

2.    Secondarily, she is a board member for another nonprofit for disadvantaged women that supports them with education, donations and mentoring.

Through her board positions, she is able to offer mentorship and hands-on assistance in accounting, fundraising, entrepreneurship, and strategic planning.

Trilogy Trust Foundation: Inspired by her own experiences of overcoming economic adversity, Dr. Krissy Jones established the Trilogy Trust Foundation using family resources and donations within a self-sustaining framework. The foundation’s mission is to rebuild individuals and families facing economic hardships, through grants, mentorship, education, and entrepreneurship.

The foundation tirelessly works toward eradicating homelessness for LA County families and improving the overall well-being for all in need. To extend its reach to help even more people, Trilogy trust donates to other LA County nonprofits that assist low-income families and unhoused individuals.

By drawing wisdom from the past and embracing the capacity for change in the present, the foundation aspires to shape a future brimming with hope and promise. Dr. Krissy Jones embodies a dedication to nurturing resilience, reshaping lives, and molding a better tomorrow for the underserved of LA.

Philanthropy exerts a significant force on society, with hundreds of billions of dollars bringing giving to new heights. These contributions help with:

·      Bolstering education and research

·      Advancing healthcare and social services

·      Researching and implementing environmental protection

·      Promoting the arts and culture

·      Strengthening democracy and human rights

Philanthropy is an important economic growth factor that contributes to job growth, tax revenue, increased economic activity, and moving wealth between fiscal classes. Dr. Krissy Jones has transformed her love for business into a love of giving. From grants to seasonal food boxes, philanthropy is alive and well in the Jones home and creating new futures for LA County residents.

For more information about Dr. Krissy Jones, please visit her website

For more information about The Trilogy Trust Foundation, please visit their website

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