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Rosemead, CA Native NLNT Chavez Is On A Quick Come Up In the Music Industry

In Rosemead, a young and ambitious artist is making waves in the music industry. Known by his stage name NLNT Chavez, this 18-year-old dynamo has a story that resonates with the beats of his music. NLNT, short for “No Love, No Trust,” has become more than just a stage name; it’s a mantra that echoes his journey.

Born and raised in Rosemead, NLNT found inspiration in the diverse neighborhoods of San Gabriel Valley, Alhambra, and Monterey Park. Growing up in a small apartment shared with his single mother, two siblings, and uncles, NLNT learned the value of resilience early on. Despite financial struggles, he found solace in the rhythms of basketball and soccer, drawing inspiration from coaches and teammates.

The turning point in NLNT’s life came at the age of 15 during the isolating days of quarantine. Introduced to the world of music by sxintDezzo, NLNT discovered his passion. Music wasn’t just a creative outlet for him; it was a lifeline. Guided by mentors and fueled by his love for the art, NLNT enrolled at East Los Angeles College, pursuing a major in commercial music: technology.

As NLNT prepares for the release of the upcoming single “biggiver” with sxintDezzo, the journey is far from over. Follow NLNT on Instagram for exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses and stay tuned for the music video, a visual representation of NLNT’s creative vision. In the world of NLNT Chavez, every beat tells a story, and every lyric is a chapter in a narrative that continues to unfold.

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