DS Members Collection Lost $75,000 In 5 Days Due To Impersonation

DS Members Collection owned by famously known artist Muneeb Khurshid recently faced a great loss. On 17th May 2022, the DS Member collection team posted on their official Instagram account about the loss witnessed. The DS Members Collection became a victim of impersonation and lost 75000 USD in 5 days. It was mentioned by the team that a fake account was detected on Instagram similar to the account of the DS Member Collection. It was perceived that the imposter account, however, was providing and delivering services that were offered by Muneeb Khurshid in the DS Members collection. The provision and assistance of the constant and alike services served as a disadvantage to the DS Members collection. Upon noticing the imposter account, Muneeb Khurshid the owner of the DS Members collection contacted the authorities to find a solution and recover the loss. The authorities however managed to take down the fake Instagram account. Further, the imposters were taken down by the authorities however for further investigation and analysis the case is still being actively reviewed by the authorities. 

Muneeb Khurshid, the owner of DS Members Collection has put in immense efforts to grow his existing operations and provide his customers with the latest technology along with luxurious services. He however has always ensured the best services globally. In addition to his various operations, he also introduced online assistance for the ease of his customers who are a part of his DS Member collection. Muneeb Khurshid furthermore introduced and provided the premium subscription to the members of the DS Collection which allows annual membership for the customers. The DS Member Collections allow access to a variety and collection world’s sleekest and fastest exotic cars. It allows and brings you closer access to exclusive cars that are available in the DS Member Collection.

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