Tuesday, April 23, 2024

ELI MONTANNA Welcomes 2023 With New EP, “RECOVERY”

Texas-Born Hip-Hop Newcomer ELI MONTANNA comes in hot with his latest EP titled, “RECOVERY”. This 6 song project is just under 18 minutes long and has zero features. Popular tracks like, “Believe It” and “Table For 2” have been the eye-catching songs since release but every song slaps. ELI flexes his effortless rap flow that you simply can’t replicate followed with his very unique beat selections. ELI has been known to break outside the mold and is respected for his originality. He is so much more than a just a rapper however, he also produces and has skills in engineering. ELI has been lucky to work with Grammy Award Winning Texas Legend Lecrae Moore and some other names you may recognize such as Tedashii and 1K Phew. Dedicated to doing things the organic way, he has amassed over 10k followers on instagram, performed all over the USA and has videos with over 100k collective views. 

ELI is someone that has all the tools to be a force in the music industry. His consistency over the years is something we all noticed and even in the midst of the pandemic, he kept his eyes on the price. We asked him how Covid effected his career and he said, “For the better. I was able to grow a great deal as a person through certain
experiences which have translated to my art.” 

If you want to know more, Follow Him (@elimontanna) and look below to find his music.

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