Entertainer and Streamer Absorber On Interacting With Online Audiences

Hamzah Saadah is a musician, magician, entertainer, and streamer known as Absorber. Though only 18, he has amassed over 8,000,000 total followers across his media platforms and mainly uploads Fortnite and Minecraft gaming content. He used a personal interview to speak about the impact his audience has had. Absorber says, “I want my audience to know that I appreciate them a lot more than they think, and I would not be in the position that I am in right now if it were not for them. Thank you.” Knowing that he can put a smile on over 8,000,000 people’s faces is one of Absorber’s greatest successes and related that as one of his main goals, “just to inspire and spread positivity to as many people as possible.”

Absorber also talked about the challenges that come with having an online audience. He reveals, “A few challenges that I faced in the very beginning of this whole social media thing was ‘hate.’ I used to take every comment to heart, but I realized the more supporters I gain, the more ‘haters’ I am going to gain, so rather than hurting me, it actually started to motivate me even more.” This advice is key to any young entrepreneur or streamer when facing backlash for their passions. Absorber also gave some advice to those starting out, saying, “Work your butt off and get things done. Manage your time, have a vision on where you want to end up, and just never give up.”

The future is long and bright for this young entertainer, and he disclosed his plan for the next step in his career. “I am a senior in high school, and I plan on going to college for media and communications, and hopefully, I will end up owning my own late-night talk show just like Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon. That’s the end goal, and I’m hoping to accomplish that in the next 5-10 years.

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