Moris Goldstein Has a Clear Vision for What’s Ahead for His Social Media Presence

Roslyn Heights, New York is a small town located in Nassau County that is home to social media influencer Moris Goldstein. This rising social media star creates content that many people can relate to and find commonalities in, which has helped him build and scale his audience while also connecting with them. Finding reward in establishing connections and representing brands that he stands for, Moris Goldstein has a clear vision of what’s ahead in his future endeavors and he’d love for you to come along for the ride. 

Having recently broken the 20 million view mark on one of his latest Tik Tok videos, Goldstein’s mind has been opened to what is possible on social media. He has always known that he wanted to reach a large audience, but 20 million seemed incomprehensible at one point, and now it has happened. 

“That video allowed me to reach out to so many people that I idolized and grew up listening to their music or watching them on TV or featured in movies. I had the privilege of speaking with YungGravy and 24kGoldn on Instagram,” says Goldstein.

Social media has opened up a whole new world for Moris Goldstein and he plans to carry on with content creation. Having an established audience and a clear vision of the direction he wants to take himself and his personal brand, look for Moris Goldstein to become a serious player in the game. The possibilities are endless for this young creator, and with no end in sight, he has his aim set high. Get tapped in with Moris Goldstein and be sure to check out his content on all platforms, it will not disappoint. 
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Luke Bergner
Luke Bergner is a journalist and public relations specialist.

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