Exclusive Interview With Kansas City Rap Artist TGC Johnny Stone With His Hot New Single “HUMBLE BEAST”

Hello TGC Johnny Stone! Your new single “Humble Beast” is capturing a lot of people’s attention! Tell us the inspiration behind Humble Beast?

Humble Beast to me is an anthem for those who are on the Humble side but never underestimate The Beast that’s inside of them. It’s like a burst of energy, second wind or that extra push you need for a couple more reps at the gym! It’s upbeat, mixed well with a killer flow! The Inspiration behind Humble Beast was a feeling I had about wanting to be more productive. I caught myself second guessing my abilities and I recently lost a couple friends. So instead of dwelling in my sorrow I decided to get active! And I needed to remind myself of all the wins I considered in life and turned it into a amazing song! Humble Beast! Y’all go stream that!

Sounds Exciting! Will there be a music video for this single?

Yes there will be! I will be having Alpone Da Producer over at Pure Action Films to shoot my music video! That’s my brother from Kansas City, Mo. He’s a mastermind, a genius and an overall great partner to have. Humble Beast Music Video is coming soon!

Tell Us About TGC Johnny Stone And Where He Plans On Being In 10 Years?

In 10 years I will become a billionaire. When you shoot for the moon you might not make it but you’ll be amongst the stars! My Self Esteem will be through the roof and I’ll be able to live my life mentally liberated, and spiritually pure with a heart made of gold. I’ll own serval businesses with a unique position of giving my family generational wealth! I’ll be young but I’ll be smart, healthy, and doing business the right way while raising a family! I am a man of many hats and I plan on becoming a better version of myself as time goes on. Believe that!

More on Humble Beast, could you consider this single to be the best Single you have to date?

Humble Beast is a great record but my best to date? Well that varies honestly. I don’t compare my music to previous music anymore because I feel like that’s not Godlike (which is the name of one of my previous singles go stream that) And each record was made for different reasons. I will say that Humble Beast is a more upbeat song compared to the rest of my music!  

Why Should People Care About Your Music?

My music is made for listeners that are looking for some answers in life. I’m not the wisest man in the world but I know what I say can affect how someone thinks and feels. Words are spells and you cast a spell every time you speak. The tongue is mightier than the sword and what you say can and will affect your life. Form your own opinion and stream my Spotify Playlist “This is TGC Johnny Stone” follow me on Spotify.

What Is The Best Way An A&R, Producer, CEO, Investor, or Artist Can Get In Contact With TGC Johnny Stone?

My main email address is tgcstone1@gmail.com but also can get in touch with me at info@tgcjohnnystone.com They can reach me on Instagram as well. Visit my website www.tgcjohnnystone.com.

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