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How Cold Storage Containers Are Revolutionizing the Food Industry

Shipping is the backbone of the logistics industry, with cargo ships carrying over 11 billion tons of goods. Containers are needed to keep up with supply and demand, but some containers are limited in what they can accommodate.

Cold storage containers are a new option, changing the logistics game and allowing companies to ship perishable goods. Investing in a refrigerated container can give your business access to new clients and enable you to deliver rare and unique food items to the other side of the globe.

Keeping up with industry trends is essential to give your brand an advantage over competitors. Continue reading to learn about the ways refrigerated containers are changing the food industry landscape today!

What Are Cold Storage Containers?

Cold storage containers are vital to food production companies that want to deliver fresh ingredients and food items to global markets. The containers’ purpose is to expand their reach. These companies can provide the freshness and quality consumers expect when shopping for produce.

Part of the purpose of cold storage containers is to maintain a slight variance in temperature. The containers will not stray from their settings. You can enjoy peace of mind that your ordered goods will arrive fresh.

They’re designed to provide a consistent temperature while in transit. You can keep products chilled or frozen throughout the shipping journey.

Some larger food production companies have made refrigerated shipping containers a staple of their fleets and based their supply chains around them.

Ways Cold Storage Containers Are Changing Logistics

Cold storage containers have changed logistics in several ways. The stable temperatures have opened markets for food goods worldwide. These containers can give you a notable advantage if you want to grow your business.

Here’s a look at how cold storage containers alter the landscape for food goods.

  1. Improved Transportation

One of the primary benefits of using refrigerated containers is improved transportation. These containers are more flexible than traditional options, making the shipping process far more efficient and reducing waste.

The top options businesses can transport include fresh produce, seafood, and meat. The controlled environment helps to maintain quality and freshness.

Food brands can expand their reach to provide goods to global markets. You can serve customers on the other side of the globe while ensuring a top reputation.

  1. Food Waste Reduction

Food waste is a significant problem for businesses and individuals. The United States alone wastes over 120 billion pounds of food annually.

Your business can reduce those numbers by opting for refrigerated containers. The consistent temperature range minimizes the risk of food and ingredients spoiling. You can extend the shelf life of your goods.

The expanded shelf life ensures customers receive the best quality. The food will arrive ready to be displayed and sold.

Due to the chilled or cold nature of the large storage containers, your brand can reduce food waste. You can market your company as an eco-friendly option, helping the environment. It’s another advantage you can share that sets your business apart.

Your supply chain and business will become more sustainable. Use cold storage containers to begin making a difference.

  1. Live Monitoring

Shipping large quantities and values of perishable goods can be stressful. While it’s a step toward reaching new markets, you risk a sizable investment in your brand.

One of the perks of using cold storage containers is live monitoring. You can monitor the interior temperature and ensure your goods do not spoil.

The live data can provide peace of mind that your food goods and ingredients will arrive fresh and on time to market. The best containers, like those at Conexwest, give information on humidity, temperature, and other vital factors.

You’ll receive alerts when the conditions deviate from the specifications. The shipping company can then take corrective action to protect your shipment.

  1. Temperature Control

The best refrigerated shipping containers offer impressive temperature control to accommodate your shipping needs. The shipping ranges are between -22 degrees Fahrenheit and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can meet your specific shipment’s requirements to ensure the ideal conditions throughout the journey. It’s the perfect way to find flexibility when shipping food and ingredients.

  1. Global Reach

A lack of cold shipping options has limited the scope and range of most food brands. However, the implementation of cold shipping containers has allowed the biggest food brands to enjoy a global reach.

Food can now be sourced from more unique and diverse locations. It’s a fantastic way to diversify food markets in the United States and Canada. It’s a revolutionary invention for businesses in the agriculture and seafood industries.

  1. Cost Savings

You may pay more when choosing refrigerated shipping, but the cost is offset by the money you can make when fresh food reaches the market. You’ll ensure quality when your shipment arrives, helping you to earn more.

It’s also beneficial because you reduce waste for your brand and the environment. You can ship goods with limited local demand to markets where these items will be enjoyed and celebrated.

  1. Environmental Impact

Brands are more conscious than ever about their environmental impact. Customers want to work with brands that make protecting the planet a priority.

When you begin using a cold storage container, you’re committing to reduce your environmental impact by minimizing food waste and saving energy. A refrigerator container is designed to maximize efficiency.

The containers have impressive insulation and cooling technology. They use less energy while limiting their environmental impact. You can ship fresh ingredients and food without being concerned about harming the environment or losing customers.

Consider Using Cold Storage Containers Today

Cold storage containers are changing the shipping industry by reducing food waste and delivering fresh ingredients and meals to global markets. They provide a stable temperature with live monitoring to ensure your shipment arrives pristine.

You can use these refrigerated containers to save money and reduce food waste. It’s also a fantastic way to lower your environmental impact.

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