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Introducing BIG STEPPA DREW, A Top Rising Artist From Florida

Born and raised across the United States in Las Vegas, North Carolina, and California before landing in Florida, BIG STEPPA DREW is a rising talent whose beginning to make some noise in the music industry. Despite being the #1 ranked boys tennis player in the nation as a 12-year-old, his true passion for music led him down a different path. Inspired by artists like Kurt Cobain, Prince, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, XXXTENTACION, Lil Peep, and Juice WRLD, BIG STEPPA DREW found solace and inspiration in their abilities to express themselves through music.

Driven by a burning passion for creating melodies and writing heartfelt lyrics, BIG STEPPA DREW delved into the world of music at the age of 13, encouraged by a close friend who was already making music. Since then, he has been tirelessly honing his craft, experimenting with different sounds and styles, with the ultimate goal of finding his unique musical identity. BIG STEPPA DREW aims to connect with his audience on a deep level, using his music as a means to heal those who feel lost or broken, much like the way he finds solace and healing in the music of his inspirations.

With over 50 unreleased songs in the vault, BIG STEPPA DREW is ready to make his mark on the music scene further. He has many upcoming releases planned, including “Maybe,” “RUNAWAY,” “You And Me,” “RIP,” “Love,” “Neptune,” “Rock With Me,” and “Way I Felt.” They all promise to showcase his versatile musical abilities. While he draws inspiration from the likes of Kurt Cobain and Prince, BIG STEPPA DREW envisions a future where he creates music solely on instruments, reminiscent of the legendary Prince’s artistry. Collaborating with artists who share his vision, such as The Weeknd, is also a dream for BIG STEPPA DREW, as he believes their combined sound would be extraordinary.

BIG STEPPA DREW recently made a return to the music spotlight, dropping his first single of 2023 in “NEVERMIND” earlier this month. The track has almost 300K streams already on Spotify alone. It’s a banger and features a glimpse of the great music that is planned to be released every two weeks from the artist. Next up, BIG STEPPA DREW is scheduled to drop a new song titled “ALØNE” on May 20th. Be on the lookout for that!

BIG STEPPA DREW’s engineer is none other than PRODbytnvr, and together they plan to only drop the best. After “ALØNE,” the artist is scheduled to release “Way I Felt” on June 3rd, “RIP” on June 18th about all the legendary artists who have passed, and after that, a deep love song in “You And Me.” There is plenty of great music to come from BIG STEPPA DREW.

Check out his song “NEVERMIND,”  “ALØNE,” and his other great tracks on Spotify:

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