KILJ Is An up-and-coming musician to Look Out For

Today we’re bringing you the next new wave of teen musicians to watch out for! He’s only 18 years old and part of Atlanta, Georgia. He’s amassed millions of streams on his music so far and plans to release his first full-length and hopes to have many more hits by the end of 2023, so keep an eye on him

As a 14-year-old from Prince George’s County, Maryland, now living in Atlanta and Los Angeles, KILJ (born Jelani Lofton) jumped on the music scene in early 2019. His music is inspired by artists such as Juice WRLD. He’s 18 years old now and part of the “new wave” of teen musicians.

KILJ has been hard at work on a debut project that he hopes will be just as successful as his first. KILJ is determined to keep things fresh with this album and plans on including more songs. His vocals  What sets KILJ apart from other artists is his high-pitched falsetto voice. He says it’s not natural but says it comes easily enough when he’s in studio sessions because he doesn’t have any shame when it comes to trying new sounds.

Along with a large number of others, the new artist released his first two singles on SoundCloud: Black Hole in June followed by 95 in July. The second track has nearly a million streams and is catching the public’s attention. A collaboration with Yung Divide called Better Off Alone was KILJ’s most popular song before he released No Remedy. With over 1 million streams, it was the most streamed song of KILJ’s career. 

His now biggest song, No Remedy is sitting at 4 million streams and has gained KILJ some respectable looks from record labels such as Alamo, Republic, and Victor Victor. Among his recent singles are wish I never met u with Thekidszn, No Remedy Pt.2, and Tracksuits. KILJ is currently working on his debut EP.

KILJ has over 11k followers on Instagram and more than 40000 listeners on Spotify, which makes him one of the most popular artists in his age group. It’s no wonder that people are constantly tuning into his posts as it’s quite rare that an artist so young can capture their audience’s attention.

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