Los Angeles Band Night Talks Breaks Their Silence With “Overcome”

Night Talks, a Los Angeles based brand broke their four year long hiatus with their new track “Overcome.” With its sparkly melody and bouncy synths, “Overcome” is one of those feel-good Summer songs that’ll lift your mood when listening to it. And not to mention, there’s a music video as well for the track bringing the song to life.

“Overcome” offers up its listeners a fresh start as that’s exactly what this song was for Night Talks. This is what Soraya, one of the members of the band had to say about the project:

“Overcome is about the dissolution of a friendship. I feel like friend breakups are just as painful as romantic relationship breakups, but they can feel so much weirder. Sometimes you grow out of friendships or grow apart from each other, and sometimes you realize that the friendship isn’t serving either person in a positive or healthy way. At the end of the day, things did turn out okay. The pain is not permanent and it is possible to overcome the hurt and weird feelings that come from losing a friend.”

“Overcome” is the first single off of Night Talks’ upcoming album “Same Time Tomorrow.” The track is a good showing of what’s to come from the band. Be sure to check that out new project upon release, but in the meantime follow Night Talks on Instagram and watch the music video for “Overcome” below.

Follow Night Talks on Instagram: @night_talks

Watch the music video for “Overcome”:

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