Meet 3azy Kane: 1/3 of the Award-Winning Hip Hop Group Kanegang

Philadelphia based hip hop artist 3azy Kane started making music back in 2016 but didn’t start taking his career seriously until after he graduated college in 2017. 3azy Kane started rapping at Bloomsburg University and formed a hip hop group called Kanegang. The artists went on tour in their city, performing whenever they got the opportunity. 

3azy Kane is musically inspired by Tupac, the great hip hop legend. His goal is to be one of the greats out of his city, confident in his flow and storytelling ability.

One of 3azy Kane’s brightest moments was dropping his video for ‘How We Feel’. The artist spoke on the civil unrest that was taking place in our country following the murder of George Floyd by a white police office. Kane dropped a freestyle pouring his heart out for minorities everywhere. The video now has over 100K views and grabbed the attention of Stephen Jackson, Floyd’s brother who invited in to the funeral. 

3azy Kane has been quiet for most of 2021 but did make a reappearance last week with his new single ‘Extensions’. The song is a heartfelt explanation of what life is like every day in the streets.

You can listen to ‘Extensions’ here:

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