Rell Heff Drops Hot New Summer Banger “Still With”

Claiming the seventh block of Queens, New York as his home, Rell Heff is a thriving young rapper who is eager to earn his spot amongst some of the best in the music industry. Starting to write full verses in only the sixth grade, he has known for quite some time that music was going to be the path he went down, it was only a matter of time. Fast forward a few years and with some good experience under his belt, Rell Heff has been making some noise in the music world lately with the release of his newest single “Still With.”

Still With” dives into the reality of what it is like to grow up in the area that Rell Heff did. It is a struggle for most where he is from and very few people make it out. For Heff, he wants to break the status quo and make a name for himself but wants his brothers to know that he is still with them regardless of what happens down the road. You can feel his emotions poured out into this track as he lays his bars, reassuring that this one comes from a special place in Rell Heff’s heart.

Still With” is the latest release from Rell Heff and it is an absolute must-listen. Very few young artists in the game can express their emotions as well as he can through his words, making it clear that his time will soon come. Be sure to stay up to date with Rell Heff so you don’t miss out on any of his future releases. 

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Kyle Dendrick
Kyle Dendrick
Kyle Dendrick is a news reporter for CaliPost.

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