Mavi Releases New Project: End of the Earth EP

Since North Carolina rapper Mavi has been at the forefront of a new generation of DIY rappers advocating for black liberation. In 2019, he burst onto the scene with his debut LP Let the Sun Talk. Quickly gaining critical acclaim, the Charlotte rapper went on to expand his young legacy with a mesmerizing feature on the Earl Sweatshirt track “EL TORO COMBO MEAL” off of the 2020 project Feet of Clay.

Now, Mavi is back with his first project since 2019, entitled End of the Earth.

With a warm ambiance encompassing the entire project, Mavi explores the state of gun violence in the country, as well as the idea of accustoming himself to growing fame. In a statement released alongside the EP, he said, “End of the Earth is about humanity exhausting the home that doubles as its plaything, me unlearning desire and the longest walk ever.” Also a well-learned student of neuroscience, Mavi’s outlook on life and all it entails holds a unique level of intelligence not often seen in rap music today.

End of the Earth is a reassurance that Mavi is establishing himself as a rapper who is going to push the boundaries of lyricism. Listen to End of the Earth here and check out the project’s opening track below.

John Lyberg
John Lyberg is currently a student at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire with experience in the fields of journalism and public relations. His work often focuses around the worlds of music, entertainment, and entrepreneurship. With a passion for music and writing, John works hard to keep a foot in the music industry, even having dabbled as a radio personality in the past

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