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Mick Jenkins Reconnects with KAYTRANDA on “Designer Frames”

Mick Jenkins has been laying relatively low over the last few years. Aside from his brief EP released in January of 2020, the Chicago MC hasn’t released a full-length project since 2018’s Pieces of a Man. A critically acclaimed and cult favorite rapper, Jenkins did take a step away from reclusivity and into the spotlight when he appeared on the KAYTRANADA track “Gray Area” off of the electronic artist’s 2019 album BUBBA. Now, Mick Jenkins has reunited with KAYTRANADA for his newest single “Designer Frames”.

A relaced, yet enthralling, dance track, “Designer Frames” once again puts the innate connection that seems to exist between these two artists on display. In theory, this connection is a match made in heaven. With how deep Mick Jenkins has rooted himself in the musical history of his hometown city, recalling the dance influence of the 1980s Chicago House scene comes as second nature to the rapper. For KAYTRANADA, the fact that he came home on Sunday night with Grammys for both Best Dance Recording and Best Dance/Electronic Album easily attests to his ability to lay the groundwork for an irresistible dance beat.

With the release of “Designer Frames”, Mick Jenkins made no allusion or nod towards the potential for a new project anytime soon. However, he did mention that he was currently filming a music video. One can only hope that new music from the acclaimed Chicago MC is on its way.

Listen to Mick Jenkins’ “Designer Frames”, produced by KAYTRANADA, below.

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John Lyberg
John Lyberg
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