Monday, May 27, 2024

Nyukyung Returns With Release Of Energetic Single “No Luck”

Nyukyung who is a fast rising artist raised in Portland, Oregon, is back again with yet another consistent track. This time it comes in the form of “No Luck” which dropped on July 16th on all platforms, and has received constant support from the young artists growing PNW fanbase. 

The biggest move for “No Luck” came in the form of the official music video shot by AZE. In the video, the opening scene takes the video into a futuristic world set some time in the 3000s. Nyukyung then is seen rap-singing in different parts of the city throughout the video. 

A quality song paired with a good video always seems to be a recipe for success, and that’s what we got from Nyukyung in the form of “No Luck.” Be sure to check out the song and video on Youtube below.

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