On a Come Up: The Surprising Rise of Lil Goodie

Baltimore native Lil Goodie is bursting onto the rap scene as he works to bring a unique style of music to the forefront of the industry. However, this young artist did not always possess this intense passion for music. He grew up playing piano and singing in the choir, but his passion was playing sports. It took exposure to new genres and the encouragement of those who saw the talent in him to take music seriously.

Lil Goodie got his start by teaming up with N.E.O.N. (Never Echo Other’s Negativity) in a university studio. A hook that was laid down as a joke became the starting point for a newfound dream. Five months ago, Lil Goodie released his first single. He stated, “I really have always been the guy to follow my dreams because we only have one life, and I work hard because nothing was handed to me, even as a child.” This ethic, combined with his untapped potential, is sure to push him far.

His music takes a U.K. drill style and is inspired by Drake, Russ Millions, Tion Wayne, and Favio Foreign. In his interview, Lil Goodie said he is trying to make drill rap “more danceable and fun.” In an industry forever flooded by new artists, this unique approach sets Lil Goodie apart from his competition and gives him a goal to guide his daily grind.

New music is set to release in April and May with singles “How to Move” and “Line Em Up.” Finally, Lil Goodie revealed that his greatest achievement is “having a great team,” which allows him the freedom that “you don’t have to figure out everything yourself.” A sure strategy for future success. 

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Luke Bergner
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