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Punkdemic Partners with Domestic Violence and Expectant Mothers’ Nonprofit Casa de los Angelitos

Punkdemic always promises to offer the highest quality, most fascinating and inspiring clothing, and accessories available in the online clothing market. They have done just that with a new project that highlights the real-world consequences of domestic violence. Company founder Shalana Dennis has committed herself to always finding a way to give back to the community. In fact, she has made it her mission her Punkdemic brand. Many families suffer from domestic violence in one form or another.

Casa de los Angelitos is a nonprofit that has been helping pregnant women in crisis for nearly 30 years. Located in a residential community in the greater Los Angeles area, they provide a comfortable environment for expectant mothers to prepare meals together and support each other on their journey to motherhood.

The organization provides these mothers with advice, training, and skills that will enable them to succeed as mothers and lead independent lives. Shalana thanks Casa for helping her escape the dangers of domestic violence and to become the successful person she is today.

As an alumnus of the Casa de los Angelitios program, it was important to partner with the nonprofit to contribute Christmas gifts for their current residents. The Punkdemic founder collected Christmas lists from the organization’s residents, identified donors, and collected monetary contributions to donate the needed items at their annual holiday party that was held on Sunday, December 10, 2023. Punkdemic has pledged to donate a portion of the profits from the sale of their domestic violence awareness t-shirts to nonprofit organizations dedicated to supporting people fleeing domestic violence or in crisis.

About Punkdemic, LLC:

Punkdemic, LLC is a fully trademarked ecommerce apparel line dedicated to a community that believes in bringing people together by breaking down barriers and embracing differences through fashion. Punkdemic is a community of people working together to create change. Punkdemic is headed by Shalana Dennis and her partner, recording artist MC Jonny T from the Hip Hop Organix music collective and the Organix Media Group, LLC

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